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Health, Wellness and Safety

Nature Rx - Connect with Nature for Health and Wellness

NatureRx at Quinnipiac is a university-wide initiative promoting spending time in nature as one positive mechanism for our students’ health and well-being. Extensive research studies have shown that spending time in nature — even just 20 minutes a day — has measurable improvements for mental health. At Quinnipiac, we continue to seek ways to incorporate our natural surroundings and bring healing in a hectic world.

Connect to nature and improve mental health

Research shows that spending time outdoors can improve one's mental health and reduce stress.

At Quinnipiac, we are fortunate to call gorgeous campuses home, as well as be close to so many local parks and nature trails — including our Mount Carmel Campus being just steps away from Sleeping Giant State Park.

There are many ways to become involved on campus such as signing up for outdoor spin classes, leisure and wellness courses, and outdoor trips sponsored through the Recreation and Wellness Center. Students can also participate in sustainable activities to promote stewardship around campus such as The Big Event, pollinator garden planting days and Arbor Day activities. Faculty can also get involved in the NatureRx initiative by hosting a class outside.

What is Nature Rx and why does it matter?

Nature Rx stands for nature prescription. This program is supported by an oversight committee led by faculty, staff and students who promote the natural places around our campuses as one way to facilitate mental and physical wellness while raising awareness and understanding of the benefits associated with spending time in nature to reduce stress and anxiety, increase energy and have protected restorative moments. It can be recommended to anyone and everyone. 

Coming out of the global pandemic, it was clear that students' mental health was negatively impacted. Prescribing nature is one of the ways students can disassociate from social media and  other stressors they are experiencing.  

Some of the benefits of spending time in nature:

  1. Better sense of surroundings, breathing and sleep
  2. Motivation to exercise
  3. Prompts relationship bonding in nature
  4. Peaceful horticulture helps decrease stress and anxiety
  5. Can reduce symptoms of depression

About the Nature Rx Initiative

The initiative brings together the Hartford Healthcare Health and Quinnipiac’s Recreation and Wellness Center, Office of Community Engagement, Albert Schweitzer Institute, Students for Environmental Action (SEA), numerous people, and academic departments across the university promoting the benefits of being in and exploring nature on campus and in the surrounding communities. Quinnipiac NatureRX also exists to support Quinnipiac University’s sustainability goals of Live, Learn and Lead.

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Our Approach to Sustainability

We envision a Quinnipiac that is a model for sustainability in Southern New England, building its practices and leveraging its campuses to promote a healthy regional ecosystem, and to engage in practices that equip current and future students, faculty and staff to embody sustainable practices in their personal and professional lives, equipping them to thrive in a world increasingly influenced and affected by environmental disruption.

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Students for Environmental Action

Students for Environmental Action (SEA) is a club committed to promoting environmental stewardship at Quinnipiac and in the broader community. Past events include World Environment Health Day and fundraising for the Coral Sea Alliance. If you are interested in participating in sustainability initiatives around campus with a group of like-minded environmentalists, consider joining SEA. 

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Albert Schweitzer Institute

The Albert Schweitzer Institute conducts programs that link education, ethics and voluntarism for the sake of creating a more peaceful and sustainable world. A dynamic presence at Quinnipiac, the institute has drawn notable humanitarians both to campus and to its board, and gives students of all majors opportunities to make a positive impact on local and global communities.

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