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There are instances, such as verification of your financial aid file, when you will be required to submit additional information and complete required documents. If you are selected for verification, don't worry. Below we define the process and provide links to the requested institutional forms. Please keep in mind, if you are not selected for verification, you are not required to submit these documents.

What is Verification?

Verification is the process schools use to confirm that the data reported on your FAFSA application is accurate. The financial aid office notifies students selected for verification electronically as well as by U.S. mail. In addition to the electronic and mailed notice, a list of requested documents will appear in the student’s Self-Service portal. Required documents may include signed copies of federal tax returns, W-2 forms, IRS documents, federal verification worksheet or other supporting documentation.

We make every effort to ensure the accuracy of student financial aid offers and ask that families provide our office with all the requested information as soon as possible. If the verification process is not complete prior to preregistration for the spring semester and a balance exists on a student’s account, One Stop will place a “financial hold” on the account, which prohibits a student from preregistration until the fall invoice is paid.

If the appropriate forms are not received, follow-up notices are generated monthly, but please be sure to provide us with the most accurate information as quickly as possible to avoid untimely adjustments to your financial aid offer. If verification remains incomplete, a final request is sent to the student. If documentation is not received by the final notice deadline, all pending financial aid is canceled.

Note: Documentation received too late in the semester may result in a reduced financial aid offer.

When completing the FAFSA, we strongly encourage all applicants to utilize the IRS Data Retrieval Tool (DRT) to facilitate the fastest, easiest and most secure solution for meeting federal verification requirements.

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