Determine a strategic direction

This Accelerated Dual-Degree BS in Data Science and MBA (3+1) meets the needs of the growing demand for data professionals and can be applied to numerous industries. This program is for highly motivated individuals who have a core understanding of data science and are looking to pursue leadership roles in the business world. You will learn the fundamental skills necessary to extract, analyze and interpret massive amounts of data to make strategic decisions at a high level.

From entrepreneurship to Fortune 500 companies, your technical knowledge and business acumen will help build and solve complex, real-life problems:

  • Understanding how leaders use data to make strategic decisions helps make you an asset to any company. 

  • Experiential learning paired with a rigorous curriculum prepares you to work across cultures and lead a variety of organizations.

  • Find your passion and position yourself as uniquely qualified for high-paying jobs like business intelligence analyst, data engineer, quantitative analyst and data scientist.

  • Adding an MBA to a bachelor’s degree in data science allows you to grow your interpersonal, professional and intellectual skills, increasing your employability.

  • Students have flexibility in undergraduate studies to complete a minor or explore other areas of interest within the program.

  • During your final undergrad semester, you can select coursework that allows you to apply your data science skills to solve a problem or question from your content area of interest.