Certificate Overview

The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Certificate will help students to learn about a broad variety of human experiences with a primary focus on the struggle and agency of people and communities who have historically been underrepresented, marginalized or underprivileged based on socially constructed characteristics and structures of power.

This certificate is earned by taking four, 3-credit courses:

  • one course must be from the designated Core D.E.I. courses

  • the other three may be chosen from the general list of D.E.I. courses, many of which will also count as university curriculum courses toward a chosen major or minor*

In addition, students are asked to complete a project/paper reflecting on aspects of diversity, equity and inclusion either as a part of the core D.E.I. course or as an independent assignment.

*Students must fulfill the General D.E.I. requirement with courses from at least two different departments.