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BS in Supply Chain Management

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The BS in Supply Chain Management teaches students to be highly effective and efficient problem solvers who can quickly identify, analyze and fix tactical or operational issues within a company’s supply chain, making them highly sought after by employers in virtually any industry.

Program Overview

Increase your company’s revenue and growth by enhancing its supply chain

Supply chain analysts and logisticians are critical because they ensure that every segment of a company’s supply chain is operating smoothly, thereby maximizing savings, mitigating waste and increasing overall profitability. In this program, you’ll learn the range of skills necessary to preserve an efficient daily transition of products and services, from their point of origin to consumers all over the world. 

Our multidisciplinary curriculum blends core business concepts and management practices with subjects such as logistics planning, purchasing and distribution and inventory management. You’ll gain proficiency with emerging supply chain technologies, as well as a global understanding of the entire life cycle of a product, positioning you for a career as a logistics analyst, operations manager, procurement expert, contract administrator or demand planner, to name just a few.

Career readiness is a hallmark of this program. Required internships and a field-based capstone project give you the chance to solve actual challenges that real companies face in logistics or operations. Membership to APICS, the premier professional association for supply chain management, gives you access to many professional resources and connects you with a global network of supply chain professionals. Our alumni have found success with many highly respected companies, including Pratt & Whitney, United Technologies, Deloitte, Collins Aerospace and Hubbell.


The power of a professional network

We work closely with the New Haven chapter of APICS, the premier professional association for supply chain management. APICS is the nation’s leading provider of research, education and certification programs that elevate supply chain excellence and innovation.

In addition to connecting with a global network of 45,000 supply chain professionals, students who join APICS have access to a lengthy list of professional resources and other opportunities to expand their knowledge of the field, accelerate their development and kick-start their careers. These include:

  • Local and online educational events
  • Access to cutting-edge APICS research reports
  • A members-only job board, mentor center and career resources
  • Scholarships
  • Case competitions
  • Complementary registration to local chapter events and the APICS annual conference
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“I now work for Hubbell Inc. full time as a life cycle coordinator in the operations department. I truly believe that it is because of all the information I learned and experiences I gained at Quinnipiac that I was able to obtain this job. I now find myself daily at work referring back to something I learned in a supply chain class or from talking to a professor.”
Joseph Boninti ’16, MBA ’17


Faculty dedicated to student success

Quinnipiac’s School of Business professors are committed to the personal and professional success of every student. While passionate scholars and accomplished in their own fields, teaching is their number one priority. Small class sizes, accessible professors with significant industry experience and a close-knit, diverse community create the kind of supporting, enriching environment that is rare. We are personally invested in seeking ways to help our students develop into strong, certified, leading professionals.

Curriculum & Requirements

Students majoring in Supply Chain Management are required to complete a total of 122 credits.

Business Core Curriculum (43 credits)

University Curriculum for School of Business (34 credits)

Open Electives (15 credits)

Supply Chain Management Core (24 credits)

  • MG 302 Managing People, Projects and Change, 3 credits
  • MG 321 Data Driven Decision Making, 3 credits
  • MG 325 Negotiation and Problem Solving, 3 credits
  • MG 340 Transportation and Logistics Management, 3 credits
  • MG 341 Service Operations Management, 3 credits
  • MG 343 Procurement and Sourcing Management, 3 credits
  • MG 402 Management Senior Seminar, 3 credits
  • MG 488 Internship, 3 credits

Supply Chain Electives (6 credits)

  • MG 320 Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace, 3 credits
  • MG 342 Supply Chain Analytics, 3 credits
  • MG 335 Advanced Project Management, 3 credits
  • AC 323 Cost Accounting, 3 credits
  • BAN 400 Data Mining, 3 credits
  • IB 311 International Marketing, 3 credits
  • IB 320 Introduction to Global Entrepreneurship, 3 credits
  • IB 352 International Management, 3 credits
  • IER 220 Production Systems, 3 credits
  • IER 360 Operation Planning and Control, 3 credits
  • IER 375 Statistical Process Control (Six Sigma), 3 credits
  • IER 410 Designing and Managing Supply Chain, 3 credits
  • IER 440 Simulation, 3 credits

Total: 122 credits