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MS in Accounting Tuition and Financial Aid

Whether you’re trying to advance in your field, increase your earning potential or start a new career, graduate school is one of the most important investments you can make. That’s why we’re invested in helping make your Quinnipiac graduate education affordable. Whether it’s grants, scholarships, loans or a job, we’ll help you explore every option and make a plan that works for you.

Costs and Budgets

Billed Charges (Direct Costs)

Direct costs include tuition cost per credit hour, plus any applicable fees.

Curriculum requirements: 30 credits

Estimated Tuition Amount Per Semester
Tuition and Fees - Part-Time (7 credits per semester) $8,435
Tuition and Fees - Full-Time (11 credits per semester) $13,515
Tuition and Fees - Full-Time (15 credits per semester) $18,015

*Tuition and fees are subject to annual updates. Figures are based on the 2024-25 rate ($1,125 per credit). View a detailed breakdown of fees.

How to Apply for Graduate Financial Aid

Please select the correct forms for the semester for which you are seeking assistance:

  • For Fall 2023 or Spring 2024 terms, use 2023-2024 documents and forms

  • For Summer 2024, Fall 2024 or Spring 2025 terms, use 2024-2025 documents and forms

Submitting the forms

Our priority processing timeline is recommended as follows:

  • For Summer: March 31

  • For Fall: June 1

  • For Spring: November 1

Forms will be accepted after the designated date and complete files are processed in the order received based on the time of year you are seeking assistance and funding levels.


Complete and submit the FAFSA form

Students wishing to be offered any form of assistance other than scholarships will need to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) each year. This is by far the most important document in the financial aid process.

Quinnipiac school code: 001402

Apply now


Submit the Quinnipiac graduate financial aid application

This form is required to be offered financial aid and provides information including financial aid, enrollment plans, outside resources (including tuition reimbursement) and authorization to release information.

Complete the 2023-24 Application

Complete the 2024-2025 Application


Submit the Quinnipiac graduate grant application

Grant funds are awarded to our full-time, on-ground (not online programs) graduate students who are U.S. citizens and demonstrate high financial need as evaluated by the financial aid office.

  • If applicable, certain students will also be asked to provide parental information* in order to apply.
    *Parent application is required for grant consideration for unmarried students under the age of 26 or married students under the age of 24.
  • Students receiving tuition waivers or university-based scholarships will not be given priority consideration for need-based grants.

2023-2024 Grant Applications:

Complete the student grant application 2023-24 (electronic)

Complete the parent grant application 2023-24* (electronic)

2024-2025 Grant Applications:

Complete the student grant application 2024-25 (electronic)

Complete the parent grant application 2024-25* (electronic)

Military Benefits

We are partnered with both the Department of Defense and the Veterans Administration to provide you with a comprehensive set of benefits that fit with your military experience. Learn more about financial aid options specific to veterans and active duty military. 

Learn more about military benefits

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