Kiku Jones, Associate Professor of Computer Information Systems at Quinnipiac University.

Minor in Business Analytics

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The Minor in Business Analytics teaches students in a range of disciplines how to extract, analyze, interpret and present data for successful business decision-making — skills that make them assets to employers in numerous, highly competitive industries.

Minor Overview

Master the language of modern business

Every day, corporations and other organizations all over the world capture massive amounts of data to keep ahead of consumer behaviors, industry trends and the economy as a whole. The ability to mine, interpret and visualize this data is essential across all functional areas of business, and is highly sought after in virtually every industry. Quinnipiac’s Minor in Business Analytics positions you at the forefront of this need, teaching future entrepreneurs and analysts alike the skills to make crucial data-driven decisions.

The universal application of business analytics makes this minor the ideal supplement to almost any major, from marketing and finance to economics and strategic communications. Our curriculum provides a strong foundation in data analysis, interpretation and visualization. Courses in statistical programming and data mining utilize the same tools and software used by professional data analysts, while a diverse elective pool enables you to apply these tools to such areas as the web, social media or supply chains depending on your career goals. 

Curriculum and Requirements

Minor in Business Analytics Curriculum

The minor in business analytics requires the completion of 18 credits as follows:
Required Courses (12 Credits)
CIS 350Advanced Excel Programming (AC 350)3
CIS 355Data Visualization3
BAN 300Statistical Programming3
BAN 400Data Mining3
Elective Courses (6 Credits) 6
BAN 310
Web Analytics
BAN 410
Social Media Analytics
FIN 325
Financial Analytics
IB 362
Cross-Cultural Business Research Part 1
MK 321
Marketing Analytics
MG 342
Supply Chain Analytics
Total Credits18

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