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School of Communications Student Experience

School of Communications students create a vibrant community, participating in more than 12 student-run clubs and organizations, such as The Chronicle, Q30-TV, WQAQ FM, Quinnipiac Film Society and the Quinnipiac Bobcats Sports Network. They immerse themselves in student competitions, including the College Media Association Pinnacle, the New England Society of News Editors, and the Society of Professional Journalists. And our unique Quinnipiac in LA program is a year-round learning experience in Los Angeles for our undergraduate and graduate students that combines coursework with an internship in the entertainment industry, journalism, digital design, advertising and many other areas.

A Creative Journey Through Iconic Greek Landscapes

Visualizing Greece provides a practical introduction to and exploration of visual communication in the context of specific iconic areas of Greece, such as Ancient Athens and the Greek Islands. Throughout the course, students will sketch, design, conceptualize, reflect upon and discuss their ideas on the creative process, all with Greece as their laboratory. Basic perceptual theories are introduced to help students grasp the use of visual elements like color, form, depth and movement in Greece's cultural celebrations. Ultimately, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of the impact of historical and contemporary visual imagery in Greece, exploring how it influences our perceptions and how visual culture can be harnessed for advertising and public relations.

Greek flag overlooking Greece

Student Groups

In addition to our award-winning student-run media outlets, you'll have access to several professional affinity and advocacy groups, as well as a large number of university-wide service and social organizations. These include:

  • Association for Women in Sports Media

  • Lambda Pi Eta (honor society of National Communication Association)

  • National Association of Black Journalists

  • The Production (original music and choreography)

  • Public Relations Student Society of America

  • Q30 Television

  • The Quinnipiac Barnacle (parody/satire newspaper)

  • The Quinnipiac Film Society

  • QuinniPR (public relations firm)

  • Society of Professional Journalists

Living-Learning Communities

When you join a communications-focused Living-Learning Community, you're immersed in an environment designed to connect you to others with shared interests, passions or academic pursuits.

Communications 3+1

Our accelerated dual-degree programs provide a unique experience for students, and the Communications 3+1 LLC is no different. This supportive community fosters academic and social growth through group activities and specialized advising with faculty and staff.

Explore all Living-Learning Community opportunities

Student Spotlight

A journalism student smiles as she holds a drone about to take off as part of a course on new technologies in journalism

Well-prepared to cover the world

As part of an advanced international journalism course, Sarah Doiron ’17 traveled across Nicaragua to meet with locals and tell their stories using a variety of multimedia resources.

“It was one of the most interesting experiences I ever had,” she said.

One of the most eye-opening experiences occurred when she visited a nursing home and witnessed how differently the elderly are treated there.

“There was a blind man there talking with us about how he didn’t get much help,” she recalled. “He told us about how other people make fun of him and guide him into walls.”

The trip changed her world-view and helped her use the many skills she developed during the three investigative journalism internships she completed at Quinnipiac. Coupled with her time as editor of our student-run newspaper, The Quinnipiac Chronicle, she has built an eclectic toolbox of skills and talents.

“I have so many skills I’ve developed over my years at Quinnipiac,” she said. “I have loved everything about my experience here. The Chronicle has given me plenty of learning opportunities to grow as a journalist, and being editor-in-chief has helped me grow as a person.”

In Their Own Words

Our School of Communications provides a dynamic, hands-on education that focuses on personal and professional development. You will have unparalleled access to our industry-leading faculty and the ability to forge meaningful connections that often endure after you graduate.

Victoria Rutligliano '18 on set at the Golf Channel

Victoria Rutligliano ’18

Interned at the Golf Channel and Fox Sports West

“My student media experience was the best part of my first three years here on campus. It was a lot of work, but the opportunities I had because of my involvement were second to none.”

Connor Roche ’18, journalism alumnus, pictured in a suit with a basketball court in the background

Connor Roche ’18


“Covering various media events for the Celtics, Red Sox and Patriots as a digital sports intern for WCVB in Boston gave me the chance to ask questions of the biggest names in Boston sports.”

David Rabinowitz '09, Film, Television and Media Arts alumnus, speaking with communications students

David Rabinowitz ’09

Co-writer of the Oscar-winning screenplay "BlacKkKlansman"

“When you are writing a screenplay, it’s always going to be interpreted by others, and my time at Quinnipiac with the film society showed me what happens after that critical step. Instead of the words staying on the page, they were spoken by actors, shot by cameras operated by crew, lit by lights set up by gaffers, and edited into a finished film.”

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