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The career ahead of you is nothing less than building infrastructure that is stronger, products that perform more efficiently and digital landscapes as real as the tangible ones we wake up to each day. To those ends, you’ll master the same industry-leading technology and equipment utilized in the field by veteran engineers of all backgrounds. And you’ll do it right here.

Dynamic and immersive learning environments

The School of Computing and Engineering marries in-depth theory with intensive application. Tator Hall’s Active Classroom for Engineering seamlessly combines dynamic lectures with laboratory-based projects. This classroom offers 12 large, two-person tables for group work, 2 MTS uniaxial load frames for materials testing, and a range of other resources for designing models and performing experiments.

Passionate professors teach you to cultivate a vision; cutting-edge classroom resources enable you to independently bring that vision to life. The Student Fabrication Workshop, located in the Communications, Computing and Engineering building, is a highly creative, reconfigurable work space where students of all engineering disciplines can draft initial mockups of their own designs, as well as prototypes for various courses. In the student design workshop, those designs are realized. This fully equipped and collaborative space supports discussions and brainstorming sessions, as well as testing for processes, models and code.

Where you learn is as important as what you learn, and this is as true for software engineering and computer science students working in our Network Systems and Security Classroom as it is for future mechanical and civil engineers studying hydrostatic power and flow measurement in the Hydraulics Workshop. Open, accessible and modern, our facilities foster interdisciplinary exploration and build the broad range expertise necessary for a modern engineer to thrive in fast-paced and rapidly advancing fields.

Unveiling the name of our new academic building

A rendering of The SITE academic building at South Quad
The SITE is designed to maximize student-faculty collaboration, exploration

January 22, 2024

Quinnipiac students will soon have the opportunity to prepare for successful careers in a new 137,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art, student-centered academic building designed to promote community and interdisciplinary learning that will be called The SITE, which stands for Science, Innovation, Technology and Exploration.
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Quinnipiac engineers don’t wait. Beginning day one of your first year, from your classroom learning to your independent research projects and internship experiences, you will be engaged. You could design software programs, create workflow processes or build devices that maximize efficiency and user experience. When you’re here, it’s more than just science, lab work and high-tech equipment; it's about developing the practical skills that are necessary in the workplace.

Students and faculty alike seek out meaningful partnerships and see people as valuable resources. In keeping with Quinnipiac’s philosophy of interdisciplinary learning and problem-solving, we regularly look for opportunities to partner with other disciplines — from business and entrepreneurship to health sciences, medicine, law, communications and liberal arts.

Manufacturing companies and software developers, such as Enfield Technologies, North Mill Equipment Finance and Medtronic, host engineering students and their faculty mentors as they work on their capstone and independent research projects. These off-campus learning experiences expose students to the kinds of environments they’ll work in as professional engineers.

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