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MHS in Physician Assistant Accreditation and Policies

Review information about the accreditation, mission, policies and certifying exam scores for the MHS in Physician Assistant program below.

Mission, Policies and Certifying Exam Scores

Mission, Vision, Core Values and Goals

Our vision is to create a physician assistant workforce that provides high-quality, affordable health care that is accessible to all people in all settings by fostering teamwork, critical-thinking skills, high ethical and professional standards, and respect for diverse populations.

Download our full Mission, Vision, Core Values and Goals statement (PDF)

Work Policy

Due to the labor and time intensive nature of the Physician Assistant program, students are strongly discouraged from working while enrolled in the program.

Download our full Work Policy (PDF)

Technical Standards

Physician assistant students must be able to meet the requirements and worker attributes of a physician assistant as defined by the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration’s Occupational Information Network (O*NET) Handbook. 

Download our Technical Standards (PDF)

The National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants is the only certifying organization for physician assistants in the United States. 

Class graduation year Number of first-time takers Program first-time taker pass rate National first-time taker pass rate for the class graduation year
2023 51 96% 92%
2022 52 94% 92%
2021 50 92% 93%
2020 49 96% 95%
2019 49 98% 93%

Five-year, first-time taker average pass rate for program: 95%

Five-year, national first-time taker average: 93%

Download Quinnipiac's PANCE scores (PDF)

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