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Nursing students start their classes on the Mount Carmel Campus in Hamden and then attend classes in the Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences building on the North Haven Campus in their upperclass years. The state-of-the-art building features sophisticated labs and simulation technology that create real-life work settings. These facilities are at the heart of our interprofessional approach that develops leadership and teamwork skills by placing nursing, medical, health sciences, education and law students in collaborative learning activities. Our facilities, faculty and learning opportunities will prepare you for the evolving world of health care.

Learn and collaborate in world-class clinical settings

The School of Nursing is based in the Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences building and includes sophisticated labs and equipment ideal for teaching our students to collaborate with other healthcare professionals in realistic working environments.

We also offer strong partnerships with area hospitals and healthcare facilities for highly effective clinical experiences. The School of Nursing is part of a larger university that includes our Schools of Medicine, Health Sciences, Law, Education, Business, Engineering and Communications, and the College of Arts and Sciences.  You'll have opportunities to collaborate with faculty and students from other disciplines, giving you a wider perspective and varied experiences.

Unveiling the name of our new academic building

A rendering of The SITE academic building at South Quad
The SITE is designed to maximize student-faculty collaboration, exploration

January 22, 2024

Quinnipiac students will soon have the opportunity to prepare for successful careers in a new 137,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art, student-centered academic building designed to promote community and interdisciplinary learning that will be called The SITE, which stands for Science, Innovation, Technology and Exploration.
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State-of-the-art facilities and resources

The 325,000-square-foot Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences building, located on the North Haven Campus, is a state-of-the-art learning environment with simulated emergency and operating rooms, as well as a range of other clinical settings. We believe that simulating the front lines of patient care is the best way to provide future nurses with impactful learning experiences.

You’ll learn to assess patient needs in our 7 high-fidelity simulation suites with lifelike adult, pediatric and neonatal manikins and manage multiple situations in our 16 standardized patient rooms. Students also have access to a Human Anatomy Laboratory and skill labs that feature anatomical models and the same equipment used in real clinical settings.

These facilities and labs help you master technical and decision-making skills in diverse environments and under the guidance of faculty mentors.

Our simulation program has received accreditation in the area of teaching and education from the Society for Simulation in Healthcare, the largest health care simulation accrediting body in the world. Calling the university’s collaboration among health care programs “exemplary,” SSH stated that Quinnipiac provides a solid foundation for synergistic simulation initiatives and expanded interprofessional education.

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The Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences building features sophisticated labs and simulation technology that create real-life work settings.

Quinnipiac earns accreditation from the Society for Simulation in Healthcare

Quinnipiac’s simulation program in the Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences building on the North Haven Campus received accreditation in the area of teaching/education from the Society for Simulation in Healthcare, further solidifying Quinnipiac’s commitment to simulating the front lines of modern patient care.

The facilities include expansive skills labs with life-like anatomical models and equipment that mimic what is found in real clinical settings. The university provides health assessment and skills laboratories along with high-fidelity simulation suites, including operating rooms and multiple state-of-the-art adult, pediatric and neonatal manikins used to represent various stages of care and need.

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Center for Interprofessional Healthcare Education

Three Quinnipiac students in scrubs deliver a baby during a simulated birth exercise

Learning in a team-based model

Our curriculum focuses on the development of interprofessional skills in dynamic environments. Our well-equipped labs reflect the realism and unpredictability of ERs, urgent care facilities, primary care settings and long-term care settings. Thanks to our patient simulation manikins, you’ll have an opportunity to assist with a simulated childbirth on one day, and respond to a cardiac arrest on another.

Mastering theory, technology and modern nursing procedures represents only part of your educational experience. You'll also learn what it is like to be part of an integrated health care team with students from other disciplines, such as occupational therapy, physical therapy, physician assistant and medicine.

The Center for Interprofessional Healthcare Education offers innovative opportunities for students in the Schools of Health Sciences, Medicine and Nursing to learn and practice together. You’ll work collaboratively to better understand other care providers’ roles in different situations, identify more effective and efficient delivery options and enhance each other's clinical skills.

“One of the key objectives here is to work on interprofessional communication and teamwork,” said Liana Kappus, simulation director at the School of Nursing. “We are fortunate to be able to offer our students this opportunity to practice together in a safe environment to increase their confidence and prepare them for their work in an actual clinical setting.”

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Clinical Partners

As a student, you'll gain clinical experience in a wide range of environments, including community-based hospitals, primary care facilities, specialty offices and college health settings. This is made possible thanks to the strong partnerships the School of Nursing shares with the health care community.

One of these partnerships includes Middlesex Hospital, where our dedicated education unit gives you the opportunity to work closely with patients and staff. We also partner with Trinity Health-New England, an integrated nonprofit health care delivery system that serves nearly 3 million people. You’ll be able to complete your clinical rotations at any of the Trinity Health-New England facilities in Connecticut.

These clinical opportunities allow you to practice your skills and make a difference in the lives of patients. Moreover, these are your chances to learn, work and develop alongside leaders in the field of health care.

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