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The Peter C. Hereld House

The Peter C. Hereld House for Jewish Life works with Jewish students to create a meaningful, caring and supportive community on campus. The Hereld House ensures there is always a Jewish presence on campus with full-time rabbinical council and prayer services for all Sabbath and Jewish Holy Days when school is in session.

All are welcome at the Hereld House

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The Hereld House is where Jewish students and others interested in the faith can come together over conversation and food, especially during Shabbat services on Friday evenings. 

Every Friday evening while school is in session, Quinnipiac students can be found at the Peter C. Hereld House for Jewish Life sharing in Sabbath services and enjoying a special Shabbas meal. Some Sabbaths are shared with the university’s interfaith community; some Sabbaths have guest speakers; and still other Sabbath gatherings consist of prayers and quiet conversations while feasting on homemade meals. As the academic year begins and the Jewish High Holy Days arrive, students, faculty and guests gather to observe Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, Sukkoth and Hanukkah. During the spring semester, Pesach seder is celebrated with the rabbi and as the year comes to a close, Holocaust Memorial Day is remembered with an appropriate experience.  


In Their Own Words

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Tovah Williamson ’19

“The Hereld House community, led by Rabbi Reena Judd, helped me grow as both a student and an individual. It gave me the opportunity to interact and learn within the context of my own Jewish heritage, combined with the experiences of others. Being a part of Jewish Life at the Hereld House made me feel more connected to myself and my community, allowing me to be myself by giving me a comforting and welcoming environment in which to participate.”

“Rabbi Reena and the Hereld House served as a wonderful anchor for both of our sons — Mark Persky ’18 and Ben Persky ’20 — during their college years at Quinnipiac. Rabbi Reena is so warm and inviting that you just want to keep returning for the fun activities, services and functions that foster Jewish life on campus.” –Lisa and David Persky (parents)
“Such a big part of being Jewish is being present, bearing witness. Showing up for yourself with intention and dignity. Kavod and Kibud [honor/respect] are really important parts of how to be Jewish. You can’t be disrespectful of another person’s humanity.” — University Rabbi Reena g.W. Judd, Jewish Chaplain

Contact Us

University Rabbi Reena g.W. Judd, Honorary D.Min who is Reform Ordained, is always available to talk with students or parents about what living a Jewish life at QU means. 

For more information, contact:
University Rabbi Reena g.W. Judd
Peter C. Hereld House for Jewish Life

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