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Two students sit in a service in the Catholic chapel at Quinnipiac

Diversity and Inclusion

Office of Religious Life

The Office of Religious Life on the Mount Carmel Campus offers counseling, worship services and celebratory activities for students of different faiths as well as those students who are simply looking for meaning in their lives. The Office of Religious Life also organizes events on campus and helps students connect with off-campus religious services, if required. No matter a person’s religion, you are welcomed, accepted and supported here.

By the Numbers

170 Activities

On-campus events sponsored during the 2019-20 academic year.

18 Organizations

The number of student-run religious and cultural organizations recognized by Quinnipiac.

3 Outreach

Full-time staff members devoted to students and their religious needs.


The Office of Religious Life frequently partners with faculty and students. Christine Kinealy, professor of history and executive director of Ireland’s Great Hunger Institute, has collaborated with the Office of Religious Life to share the culture, values and religious traditions of Ireland with students in her Irish Studies class.

Learn more about Ireland’s Great Hunger Institute

Maya Doyle, associate professor of social work, partnered with the Office of Religious Life to develop an annual panel discussion in February to explore the work of professional chaplains. Over the past 3 years, chaplains have spoken from a variety of traditions, backgrounds and spaces: African Methodist Episcopal (AME), Catholic, Episcopal, VA Connecticut Healthcare, sexual orientation and others.

The 6 Vectors of Religious Life

Thoughtful, informed discussions about social issues and causes aren’t limited to the classroom. At Quinnipiac, religious life is focused on growing and nurturing the community. We do more than help individual students find meaning and purpose. We help them develop the skills to make a difference in the world.

When our student service group, CompACTION: Compassion in Action, sponsored a clinic for women and children in Nigeria, a QU student invited a local Nigerian man to speak to the group about his country and culture. As part of the student’s research, he discovered cola nuts play an important role in the traditions of the Nigerian community. So when the guest came to speak, he was presented with a bowl of cola nuts as a symbol of thanks: The one who gives cola, gives life.

The 6 Vectors of Religious Life

  1. Literacy: Learn about different beliefs and perspectives
  2. Advocacy: Discover your voice and use it to help others
  3. Social Justice: Develop your moral and ethical compass
  4. Values: Consider the timeless questions of humankind 
  5. Community: Belong to our community of communities
  6. Perspective: View the world with curiosity and respect

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