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Register for Micro-Credentials

Take the next step with continuing and executive education at Quinnipiac University. Use the forms below to request more information or begin the process of registering for micro-credentials.

Contact us at lifelonglearning@qu.edu with any questions or for assistance with the registration process.

How to Register

Whether you are interested in specific micro-credentials or curious about which program offering is best suited to meet your professional and educational goals, we are here to help. All prospective students at any stage in the process are encouraged to connect with the Department of Lifelong Learning so we can guide you towards the right fit to meet your needs.


Current Quinnipiac Students

Current undergraduate and graduate students who are enrolled in courses at Quinnipiac University can directly register for micro-credentials and digital badges as part of their regular studies. Students who intend to pursue a micro-credential must complete the form below to ensure the learning experience is reflected on their official transcripts. In addition to the form, students must also register for the appropriate courses or curricular activities in Self-Service.

Register Now - Current Students


External, Non-Quinnipiac Students

Working professionals, executives and lifelong learners who are not currently matriculated at Quinnipiac University must submit the form below to begin the registration process for micro-credentials and digital badges. After submitting this form, you will begin to onboard as students and can enroll into micro-credential programs. Individuals submitting this form can expect a response indicating whether or not they are accepted into the micro-credential program. This application process is non-competitive and exists to ensure that incoming students are enrolled in the appropriate programs to meet their current educational level and needs.

Register Now - Prospective Students

Please note: not all micro-credentials are available to non-matriculated students at this time.

Request More Information

If you are interested in micro-credentials but aren't quite ready to register, you can request more information by filling out the form below. After submitting, you will receive timely updates and guidance about our program offerings and answers to frequently asked questions about how to register.