Guide film production, from concept to release

Film, television and streaming media companies all over the world need professionals who understand and can manage the production cycle from script development through visual post-production editing and national distribution and marketing. This unique, 36-credit Cinematic Production Management (CPM) program teaches technical skills and practical industry knowledge that gives you a strong overview of industry production history and contemporary professional practice.

Collaborative and heavily project-based, the CPM curriculum was designed with input from Los Angeles-based veterans of the entertainment industry, and culminates in a senior capstone course wherein you’ll write, budget and produce a sizzle reel that you’ve developed over the course of your studies. Additionally, the majority of CPM courses are delivered online, making this program practical, cost-effective and convenient.

Graduates are fast-tracked to succeed in a range of entry management positions, including assistant production coordinator, writer's assistant, showrunners assistant and assistant location manager, to name a few. They are also placed on clear career paths towards mid-upper echelon management jobs.

The CPM program pairs well with a variety of backgrounds, from business to theater. It also complements several undergraduate majors in the School of Communications, including film, television and media arts, media studies and public relations, making it an ideal choice for students in Quinnipiac’s accelerated dual-degree (3+1) and dual-degree (4+1) programs.