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Permission to Register for a Course

Last updated January 23, 2024

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Under certain circumstances, a student may need to petition to add a course to their schedule which may be closed or requires special permission for various reasons. These reasons might include that the course is at a different academic level of study, an internship, or a capstone.

Special permission to add a course may be given to students with extenuating circumstances. Please see the appropriate contact information below. 

Approval-Required Courses

Completed forms signed by the appropriate dean or program director must be submitted with the registration form for the following courses:

  • Independent study

  • Residency

  • Thesis

  • Internship

  • Tutorial

  • Comprehensive exam

Undergraduate Students Taking Graduate Courses

Any undergraduate student wishing to register for a graduate class must receive permission from the graduate program director. The program directors may be found on the Academic Catalog website

Graduate Students

Any graduate student needing special permission should contact the appropriate program director. The program directors may be found on the Academic Catalog website

Contact the Deans

School or Course Type Course Code(s) Contact
College of Arts & Sciences courses AN, AR, BIO, CAR, CAS, CHE, CJ, DR, DS, EC, EN, ENV, FS, GDD, GP, GPH, GT, HS, IDS, IRST, JS, LE, MA, MCI, MU, PHY, PL, PO, PS, SCI, SO, WGS, Languages CASDeans@qu.edu
For a retake or closed course please use retake a class or add to closed course form
Business courses AC, BAN, BBA, BLW, CIS, ENT, FIN, HM, IB, MBA, MG, MK, OL, PMBA, SB, SPS, STR SBdeans@qu.edu
For a closed course please use the Closed Course form
Computing and Engineering courses CER, CSC, CYB, ENR, IER, MER, SER Engineering@qu.edu
Communications courses ADPR, COM, FTM, GID, ICM, JRN, MSS, PRR SchoolofCommunications@qu.edu
Education courses ED, EDL, IDN, SEL, SPED Marion.Sparago@qu.edu
Health Science courses AMI, AT, BMS, DMS, FLW, HSC, PY, OT, OTD, OTM, PA, PR, PT, RA, RS, SHS, SW SHSDeans@qu.edu
Nursing courses NUR SNURDeans@qu.edu
First-Year Seminar courses FYS FYS@qu.edu
Transfer credit questions   TransferAdmissions@qu.edu


Office of the Registrar
Email: registrar@qu.edu
Phone: 203-582-8695
Fax: 203-582-8749