Quinnipiac University

BA in Professional Studies Curriculum

Our curriculum builds industry-specific knowledge and skills while giving you the flexibility to customize your schedule based on your needs. Below are the course requirements for the BA in Professional Studies program, and an example of what your academic experience might look like.

The BA in Professional Studies requires students to complete the University Curriculum alongside a 27-credit concentration in an area of interest. 15 of these credits must be completed at the 300 level or higher. Students will shape their particular concentrations under the support and guidance of the dean's office, who will ensure that the focus area is relevant and useful. 

Given the individualized nature of this program of study, students are strongly encouraged to leverage the resources and guidance within our CAS360 advising model. CAS360 helps students integrate their academic interests with their career aspirations, while simultaneously ensuring that they remain on a streamlined path toward degree completion.