Social, cultural and ethical dimensions of healthcare

The BA in Health, Medicine and Society program prepares students to navigate the complex cultural, economic and policy-related issues surrounding health and medicine today. You’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of the social, cultural and ethical dimensions of health and medicine as well as the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in new and evolving roles that support and promote health, wellness and healthcare ethics and equity.

The interdisciplinary curriculum exposes you to a variety of topics including healthcare policy and politics, medical and bioethics, health disparities, global health and the social and cultural foundations and determinants of health. The program goes beyond the biomedical approach to understanding health and illness, developing skills such as empathy, socio-cultural understanding, self-awareness and an appreciation for diversity — all of which are essential to effective medical care and sound healthcare policies and laws.

Graduates of this program will be well-equipped to navigate the complex ethical, social, cultural and policy-related issues associated with health and medicine. You’ll be prepared to explore the human experience in health and illness, as well as understand how healthcare policies, practices and laws affect people’s lives.