Become prepared for 21st-century citizenship

Within the BA in Justice and Community Engagement, students will become active learners inside and outside of the classroom. Drawing from fields such as law, criminal justice, sociology, psychology, history and philosophy, our courses empower students to cultivate transferable skills and foster a heightened sense of ethical awareness that will enable them to improve the world they inhabit.

The interdisciplinary curriculum intentionally exposes our students to issues and injustices within the communities in which they will be working. Students will form an understanding of the nature and limits of institutional structures as well as the application of global ethics. Alongside traditional coursework, students pursuing the BA in Justice and Community Engagement can earn credits through immersive experiences that bring them side-by-side to constituents, community members and organizational leaders as they drive change in justice, law and social work.

Our graduates enter the workforce equipped with critical thinking skills, intercultural knowledge and a strong set of values. Students are well-prepared to pursue employment in nonprofit organizations or in government as social workers, community planners, human rights advocates and educators. The major also provides a solid foundation for students who are interested in continuing their studies in law school or graduate programs like our Master's in Social Work