Program Overview

Our interdisciplinary program equips you with the expertise to investigate and respond to the unique social and biological issues facing aging populations and their families. You’ll work privately with seniors, or in elder care facilities, retirement homes and hospitals to ensure that their physical and emotional needs are met. The gerontology major also paves the way to graduate study in such fields as social work, nursing or other health-related occupations, law and public health.

Gerontology majors choose careers as activity directors, counselors and care managers, or assist seniors and their families in finding social service programs and other resources. Your research could affect public opinion and persuade legislators to effectively address the needs of the elderly. At times, genuine companionship is the greatest service you’ll provide.

Two semester-long internships allow you to work directly with seniors in settings such as retirement complexes, assisted-living facilities, hospitals and nursing homes. This experience positions you for employment upon graduation in an environment that matches your career goals.