Program Overview

If none of our current majors fit neatly with your passions, we are more than happy to help you create a program that does. The possibilities are limitless. One recent graduate who designed a social entrepreneurship major moved to Kenya to work with a firm that helps farmers throughout Africa organize and increase their pay. Other students have used the individualized major option to explore a diverse range of interesting subjects, such as international development and human rights, South American economic development and human rights and social action.

The design of your individualized major is largely under your control, but you’ll receive plenty of support from the College of Arts and Sciences and members of the faculty when choosing appropriate courses. Some students who opt to pursue an individualized major begin to design it during their first or second year, but you’ll have until the first semester of your junior year to submit a proposal.

As with any other major, you’ll benefit from the comprehensive education you get from fulfilling our core curriculum. Study abroad programs and various internship opportunities also are available to you. Individualized majors are tied together with a final capstone project in the senior year.