Program Overview

The interdisciplinary studies (IDS) major is designed to strengthen students’ understanding of how various disciplines intersect to create new and innovative ways of thinking. Our program introduces students to multiple disciplinary areas—including the natural sciences and humanities—to promote interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary knowledge. In doing so, the program guides students through the development and application of skills in writing, public speaking, leadership, data evaluation and data analysis that enables our graduates to enter any academic or career path with substantive critical thinking skills.

The interdisciplinary studies major also offers a concentration in education studies, designed for students pursuing the elementary education track in our School of Education. Students can participate in our 4+1 program, in which they complete four years as an undergraduate to earn their BA in Interdisciplinary Studies and, after one additional year of graduate-level education courses, earn their Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) in elementary education or special education.