Master medical terminology in Spanish

We believe that patients of all socioeconomic backgrounds have a right to exceptional medical care and that limited proficiency in English should never be a barrier. This program is tailored for working healthcare professionals who possess a beginning to intermediate knowledge of Spanish and want to raise their level of proficiency to include medical lexicon so they may champion inclusive care across interdisciplinary teams.

Completed as a series of two 7-week online and asynchronous courses, this graduate certificate prepares bilingual healthcare workers to differentiate themselves in the marketplace by listening, speaking, reading and writing in Spanish. Designed to be comprehensive but manageable for working doctors, emergency responders, hospital administrators, medical assistants, nurses, physical therapists, physician assistants and more, this certificate program prepares students to guide Spanish-speaking patients as they make appointments, take vital signs, describe pain and symptoms, provide pre-operatory authorizations and communicate with family members in urgent and acute care environments.