Program Overview

Science is defined broadly to encompass both scientific theory and practical applications of scientific knowledge. To pursue a minor in History and Philosophy of Science therefore means to consider technology, the practice of medicine, the health sciences and aspects of the human sciences in addition to the traditional physical, chemical and biological sciences. Students develop the skills to understand, assess and critique the place of — and changes in — science and technology and to evaluate the ways in which these changes impact society.

Students also explore and understand the pace of change in science and technology and develop critical thinking and writing skills applicable to a broad range of professional pursuits such as technical writing or science journalism. The program is designed to expose students to a wide range of courses offered by different schools throughout the university while establishing a solid foundation in the humanistic tradition of the arts and sciences. The course of study is designed to build upon the knowledge and skills developed in the student’s major by providing a greater interdisciplinary scope and a consideration of philosophical, historical and ethical issues on topics relating to science and technology.