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BS in Computer Information Systems and Accounting

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A degree in CIS and accounting opens the door to a rewarding career in both the financial and technology departments of small companies and major corporations, such as AT&T, Hewlett-Packard and JP Morgan Chase.

Program Overview

In the digital age, the languages of business and technology are mutually inclusive. Dual competency doubles your skill set, and positions you for success in a multitude of roles. We’ll teach you to design and maintain financial databases, assess the cost of hardware and software, and manage teams of IT professionals. These skills are crucial to commercial businesses, hospitals, banks, law offices and nonprofit organizations.

As the architect of a company’s technological infrastructure, you’ll implement and secure its accounting information system. You’ll ensure that financial information is accurate and accessible to managers, CFOs, auditors and others. These responsibilities prepare you for leadership roles as an information technology accountant, systems auditor, IT director and chief information officer.

Internships with companies such as Aetna, BBC America, The Hartford and United Technologies help you hone your skills and prepare you for immediate employment in the area of your interest.

Professor Kiku Jones lectures in front of students

Start smart

Professor Kiku Jones teaches CIS 101, an introduction to Computer Information Systems.


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Effective interns

Dhara Bhuptani ’18, a computer information systems student, discusses her internship experience at the Internship Gallery in the Student Collaboration & Resource Center.


A strong educational background is just one of the keys you'll need to succeed in the business world, but gaining experience while completing your studies is what will set you apart in the job market. Our vast internship program will give you hands-on experience working with local, national and international corportations and will properly prepare you to make to change from student to professional. Plus, you can also earn academic credits to put towards your degree.

Visit our career development page to learn more about our internship program and to see some of the compaanies students have worked with.

“CIS complements Accounting in a way that allows you to gain a full understanding of an accounting firm, while continuously adding skills that can be used in either field. The career development office provided a plethora of resources, including separate career fairs for CIS and Accounting students that allowed me to network and stay connected to a number of outstanding firms in the tristate area. I was able to land a summer leadership program with Deloitte, a Big Four Accounting Firm, which led to an internship followed by a full-time job offer before my graduation date.”
Francesca Capasso '18
BS in computer information systems and accounting


Faculty dedicated to student success

Quinnipiac’s School of Business professors are committed to the personal and professional success of every student. While passionate scholars and accomplished in their own fields, teaching is their number one priority. Small class sizes, accessible professors with significant industry experience and a close-knit, diverse community create the kind of supporting, enriching environment that is rare. We are personally invested in seeking ways to help our students develop into strong, certified, leading professionals.

Curriculum and Requirements

BS in Computer Information Systems and Accounting Curriculum

Students may earn a Bachelor of Science in computer information systems and accounting by completing the requirements of the University Curriculum, the Business Core Curriculum, and specific requirements outlined below for a total of 128 credits. Computer Information Systems/Accounting majors must earn a minimum grade of a B- in the following courses to receive credit: AC 211, AC 212, AC 305, AC 306 and AC 307.  A Computer Information Systems/Accounting major earning a grade below B- in any of these courses must repeat the course. In addition, Computer Information Systems/Accounting majors must earn a minimum grade of C- in all other accounting and law courses.  

Business Core Curriculum
Complete the Business Core Curriculum43
University Curriculum
Complete the University Curriculum for School of Business34
Accounting Course Work
AC 305Intermediate Accounting I3
AC 306Intermediate Accounting II3
AC 307Intermediate Accounting III3
AC 323Cost Accounting3
AC 335Accounting Systems3
AC 411Auditing Theory and Practice3
AC 412Advanced Auditing3
AC 431Federal Income Taxation of Individuals3
AC 432Federal Income Taxation of Business Entities3
Computer Information Systems Course Work
CIS 125Systems Analysis and Design3
CIS 245Object-Oriented Programming3
CIS 301Enterprise Systems3
CIS 351Database Programming and Design3
CIS 440IT Project Management3
CIS 484Information Systems Internship3
CIS 490Computer Information Systems Capstone3
CIS elective3
Total Credits128

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