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Global Business Affairs Polish Certificate

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The Global Business Affairs Polish Certificate gives students the chance to learn, work and make professional connections in Europe with a focus on Poland, one of the fastest-growing economic engines in the European Union and a hub for international investment and entrepreneurial opportunity.

Program Overview

Experience one of the EU’s fastest-growing markets

The European Union represents the largest trade market for the United States. Poland’s continued, long-term economic growth and increased foreign direct investment have made it the No. 8 economic power in the EU. The Global Business Affairs Polish Certificate program places you in the center of this exciting growth.

This certificate program covers the range of knowledge and skills necessary for a successful career in international business, with a focus on European Union and Poland, in particular. You’ll learn the principles of the European business environment, from management and finance to law and economics. You will also discover what differentiate Polish economy from the rest of Europe and what makes it so successful.  You’ll put these principles to practice during an internship with a thriving Polish and international companies, and explore other career-enhancing and extra-curricular activities, including seminars, cultural events and company visits. With the program’s robust networking component, you’ll regularly engage with a mentors and participate in meetings of the various business membership organizations, make lasting professional contacts and while immersing yourself in Poland’s rich culture and history.

Students smile in front of the Syrenka (Mermaid) in Warsaw, Poland

Walking amongst history

Students enjoyed a stroll along the Vistula River in Warsaw, Poland, where they posed with the Syrenka (Mermaid). The trip was part of a summer immersion trip to Poland.

Interested students are encouraged to apply as early as their first year. This program presents a unique opportunity for all students in the School of Business. It is particularly attractive for those in our 3+1 programs because it satisfies the study abroad requirement in a focused and meaningful way. The certificate also complements other majors, including engineering, public relations, game design and cybersecurity.

Curriculum and Requirements

Global Business Affairs Polish Certificate
Program of Study

Students pursing this certificate take a total of five courses (15 credits) as outlined below.

SB 120Introduction to Doing Business in Poland and Europe3
IB 201Globalization and International Business3
SB 320Internship in Poland3
Choose two electives from list below or from approved courses taken during semester abroad in Poland.6
EC 350
International Economics
HS 209
Twentieth-Century Europe
IB 324
Negotiating Internationally
IB 335
International Finance
IB 352
International Management
LE 317
International Law (PO 317)
LE 319
International Law and the Individual
LE 329
European Union Law
PO 211
Introduction to International Relations
PO 321
Comparative Government
Total Credits15

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