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MS in Organizational Leadership Tuition and Financial Aid

Whether you’re trying to advance in your field, increase your earning potential or start a new career, graduate school is one of the most important investments you can make. That’s why we’re invested in helping make your Quinnipiac graduate education affordable. Whether it’s grants, scholarships, loans or a job, we’ll help you explore every option and make a plan that works for you.

Graduate Costs

Tuition and Fees 2020-21

Direct costs are expenses for which you receive a billing statement from the Quinnipiac University Office of Student Accounts such as tuition, student fees, university/technology fees, accident insurance, health insurance and other applicable fees.

Cost or fee Rate
Tuition for organizational leadership program $995 per credit
Summer courses $1,075 per credit
Technology and lab fees

$370 per semester (fall/spring) for full-time students
$165 per semester (fall/spring) for part-time students (8 or less credits)
$85 for summer semester (full-time or part-time)
$25 registration fee per session for each semester

There are also other fees assessed for certain payment plans. 

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These estimates are for educational expenses and are, therefore, used when calculating financial aid eligibility. It is important to note that you will only be billed for the direct costs by Quinnipiac.

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