Leverage the power of technology through informed design decisions

The past few years have been marked by an abrupt shift in how learners in all industries and environments are accessing and synthesizing information. As remote instruction in companies and classrooms has expanded rapidly, so too have new career opportunities for experts who can bring learning to life utilizing a variety of delivery options. 

The Dual-Degree BA or BS/MS in Instructional Design and Technology prepares you to create, develop and implement powerful learning materials across all modalities. By exploring learning and design theory and mastering a range of digital tools, you’ll generate creative solutions that address complex learning problems both within and beyond the classroom. You will gain hands-on experience as you explore new ways to design, develop and implement educational solutions for K-12, higher education, corporate and non-profit contexts.

Combined with a bachelor’s degree in any subject, this unique dual-degree (4+1) program will prime students for success in a wide array of roles—each centered on creating compelling and informative resources that leverage new ways of presenting content. You’ll leave the program with a well-developed e-portfolio that demonstrates your abilities in the field and join the ranks of our graduates who remain in high demand for careers in health systems, private corporations, universities and K-12 schools.