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MS in Teacher Leadership (online)

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Quinnipiac’s online Master of Science in Teacher Leadership prepares passionate educators to drive large-scale growth and change, and work collaboratively to improve the overall learning experience for students in every locale and demographic across the country.

Program Overview

Molding teacher leaders and change agents in public education

As evolving policies and technologies continue to shape the modern classroom, there is a growing need for leaders in education who can adapt to and apply these changes in a way that enriches the student experience and improves learning outcomes. The MS in Teacher Leadership prepares this next wave of leaders with the advanced skills needed to make a positive impact on school-wide culture and shape the future of education.

As a student, you’ll learn: strategies for developing dynamic instructional programs; how to earn respect and support from key decision makers; and how to become the kind of mentor who can motivate and inspire growth in those around you.

The program offers four career-focused tracks that allow you to align your studies with your professional interests:

  • literacy leadership
  • mathematics leadership
  • program improvement leadership
  • science leadership

Throughout your studies, you’ll work closely with other educators and our experienced faculty in a flexible, online classroom environment. This close collaboration enables the sharing of diverse ideas and perspectives that you can immediately apply to your own classroom and school.

About Online Learning

Flexible scheduling meets world-class education

Online learning with Quinnipiac University delivers the guided educational experience of a traditional, instructor-led environment coupled with the schedule flexibility needed for adult learners to succeed. Innovative teaching methods and asynchronous classes enable students to work at their own pace, while also enjoying peer interaction and a collaborative learning experience to maximize their learning outcomes.

Curriculum and Requirements

MS in Teacher Leadership Curriculum

Required Courses
EDL 501Teacher Leadership to Transform School Culture3
EDL 503Leading the Instructional Program to Improve Student Learning6
EDL 505Research-Based Literacy Practices3
EDL 509Leading School Improvement6
EDL 525Diversity in the Classroom and School Community3
Specialization Courses
Complete the reqirements of the appropriate specialization9
Total Credits30

Literacy Leadership Specialization

EDL 511Cycles of Inquiry within the Literacy Classroom3
EDL 513Coaching Teachers of Literacy3
EDL 515Action Research in Literacy Leadership3
Total Credits9

Mathematics Leadership Specialization

EDL 517Cycles of Inquiry within the Mathematics Classroom3
EDL 519Coaching Teachers of Mathematics3
EDL 521Action Research in Mathematics Leadership3
Total Credits9

Program Improvement Leadership Specialization

EDL 523Leading Organizational Learning3
EDL 527Financing Program Improvement Initiatives3
EDL 529Educational Program Evaluation3
Total Credits9

Science Leadership Specialization 

ED 512Disciplinary Core Ideas, Scientific and Engineering Practices, and Crosscutting Concepts (may be waived at director's discretion)2
EDL 531Cycles of Inquiry within the Science Classroom3
EDL 532Coaching Teachers of Science3
EDL 533Action Research in Science Leadership3

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