Take the lead in technical projects

Engineering management lives at the intersection of art, science, business and technology. Delivered in partnership with the School of Business, this certificate recognizes strategic leaders who are prepared to take charge in technical environments by allocating funds, organizing resources and completing projects on time and on budget. As complex problem-solvers with a penchant for collaboration and conversation, engineers with managerial skills remain in high demand across numerous fields and industries. 

The Undergraduate Certificate in Engineering Management is open to all students pursuing a BS in Civil Engineering, a BS in Mechanical Engineering or a BS in Software Engineering. All students in the BS in Industrial Engineering program will automatically meet the requirements to earn the certificate.


Learning Outcomes

  • Understand how to complete technical projects that require engineering and/or computing knowledge base

  • Analyze different financial aspects of projects for determining performance measurements for completion of engineering and/or computing projects

  • Apply quality principles on systems to successfully complete engineering and/or computing projects

  • Integrate principles of engineering management to complete a team-based real-life Engineering Management project