Program Overview

Industrial engineers are big-picture problem-solvers who help make people, organizations, and their systems work more efficiently. By combining systems thinking, practical problem-solving and advanced technical skills, industrial engineers can streamline the manufacturing process at an automotive plant or ensure that workflows in hospitals and surgical centers remain safe and cost-effective.

Our curriculum is hands-on and career-focused, with a particularly strong emphasis on the fields of manufacturing, healthcare and supply chain. You will learn how to design and implement systems and processes that effectively coordinate people, machines, materials, energy and other resources to eliminate waste, increase output and ensure quality. A range of state-of-the-art facilities such as our performance optimization lab will give you hands-on education in the many human and technological factors at play each day in any number of complex systems.

Throughout the program, interdisciplinary research projects will acclimate you to working in teams with other aspiring engineering professionals, while internships in professional settings such as Port Authority of New York & New Jersey, Hartford Hospital, Pratt & Whitney and Medtronic prepare you for a successful career in industrial engineering.

Our accelerated dual-degree program enables you to earn either a BS and MBA in 5 years, or a BS and JD in 6 years, giving you a significant advantage as you start your career.

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