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Accelerated BS in Nursing

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From helping bring new babies into the world to reviving patients in the ER, nurses work in every corner of health care profession, providing care for people across populations and throughout their lifespan.

By the Numbers


Success rate

The percent of our graduates who are either working or in a graduate education program 6 months after graduation (2018 Graduates from Quinnipiac Survey)


In demand

The estimated number of new nursing positions that will be created in the United States by 2024 (Bureau of Labor Statistics, May 2016)

Program Overview

Student measures the pulse on a simulation mannequin during an accelerated nursing student lab

Hands On

Matthew Popyack '17, a student in the Accelerated BS in Nursing program in the School of Nursing, deals with a simulated patient in distress Tuesday, July 25, 2017 on the North Haven Campus.

Nurses assess health problems, develop plans for patient care and educate patients on disease prevention. With an expected shortfall of 1 million nurses by 2020, and nurses absorbing more responsibilities, career opportunities have never been greater. Nurses are in demand not only in acute and primary care settings, but also in new and growing fields, such as nursing informatics, which involves using patient data to improve the quality of care. 

Our program is designed for individuals with a bachelor’s degree in another discipline, who are interested in pursuing nursing as a second bachelor’s degree. The curriculum builds on your prior educational preparation, and the degree is completed in twelve months, starting in August with students concentrating solely on nursing courses.

Our program prepares you to be an integral member of the health care team and a transformational leader in the field. You’ll graduate with the knowledge and expertise to advance your education with a master’s or doctor of nursing practice degree.

In their Words

Nursing student and friend work together with a book on a glass table. In the background are medicine students socializing on a terrace.

Well prepared

Nursing student Hannah Lefebvre '17 studies with a friend on the terrace in the Center for Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences on Quinnipiac’s North Haven Campus.



“Through various clinical experiences matched with challenging classroom lectures, I feel Quinnipiac has extensively prepared us not only for the boards but for real hospital experiences that we will come across as entry-level nurses in any specialty. I am beginning my career as an ER nurse in a level 1 trauma center in Springfield, Massachusetts.”
Hannah Lefebvre ’17

Curriculum and Requirements

Accelerated BSN Curriculum

The BSN degree under this program is 127 credits, including: prerequisites, general education requirements and nursing courses, which are distributed as follows:

Nursing Course Prerequisites:15
Anatomy & Physiology I & II with labs
Microbiology with lab
Transfer Credit from Previous Bachelor's Degree51
Total Nursing Credits61
Professional Component Nursing Courses
NUR 300
Core Concepts in Nursing
NUR 302
Nursing Science and Information Literacy
NUR 304
Health Promotion and Wellness
NUR 306
Health Assessment
NUR 307
Core Nursing Practicum
NUR 318
Care of Women, Newborns and Families
NUR 320
Care of Children and Families
NUR 323
Women, Children and Families Practicum
NUR 324
Care of Adults with Complex Health Needs I
NUR 325
Adult Care Practicum I
NUR 326
Pathophysiology and Pharmacotherapy I
NUR 330L
Holistic Nursing Integration Lab I
NUR 340L
Holistic Nursing Integration Lab II
NUR 400
Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing
NUR 401
Psychiatric-Mental Health Practicum
NUR 408
Evidence-Based Nursing Practice and Scholarship
NUR 424
Care of Adults with Complex Health Needs II
NUR 425
Adult Care Practicum II
NUR 426
Pathophysiology and Pharmacotherapy II
NUR 428
Community and Public Health Nursing
NUR 429
Community and Public Health Nursing Practicum
NUR 430L
Holistic Nursing Integration Lab III
NUR 432
Contemporary Issues and Roles in Nursing
NUR 433
Capstone Practicum
NUR 434L
Capstone Seminar Lab
NUR 440L
Holistic Nursing Integration Lab IV
Total Credits127

The curriculum for the professional component is subject to modification as deemed necessary by the nursing faculty to provide students with the most meaningful educational experience and to remain current with professional standards and guidelines.  Nursing courses must be taken in the sequence presented in the Accelerated BSN curriculum and students must successfully complete one semester before progressing to the next.

Graduates are eligible to take the NCLEX-RN® examination, and qualify for entry-level nursing positions or graduate study. Those students contemplating applying for graduate study in nursing at Quinnipiac should refer to the Graduate Studies section of the catalog.

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