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Three students visit the Cathedral of Leon in Parque Central in Leon, Nicaragua

Global Education

At Quinnipiac University, we feel a sense of obligation to work toward a more interconnected world. We do this by increasing intentional global engagement opportunities for students, faculty and staff to learn both inside and outside the classroom. We envision a diverse university community that develops responsible and engaged citizens by cultivating the cultural awareness, sensitivity, skills and knowledge necessary to participate respectfully in the global community.


Students work under the supervision of Nicaraguan physicians to run a clinic at Los Pepitos

Part of our mission is to develop responsible, empathetic citizens who are invested in global issues and cultures as well as opportunities in the international community. To that end, we provide meaningful learning experiences for students, faculty, staff and alumni.

We celebrate the fact that the world is comprised of people with many different identities, cultures, belief systems and levels of ability. Across the globe, QU is working closely with partnering institutions to encourage all students to participate in education abroad programs.

From spending a semester abroad to short-term, faculty-led programs and international internships, global learning opportunities develop cultural humility and foster the exchange of knowledge and ideas. These engagements also enable students to integrate knowledge and theory with practical application on the world stage. The Department of Cultural and Global Engagement offers guidance and support for students before, during and after their education experiences.

Other opportunities include:

Students can participate in community-driven learning experiences by living with host families and engaging with long-term global partners.

Short-term programs are offered during the winter and summer breaks. There are opportunities for faculty-led programs abroad as well as programs offered through partner institutions.

Students from certain majors have the opportunity to fulfill some of their clinical affiliation or fieldwork requirements with international partners.

These opportunities integrate the knowledge and theory learned in the classroom with practical application and skills development in a professional setting.

Students partner with Quinnipiac or international faculty to conduct and participate in independent or capstone research projects.

Students have an opportunity to study for a full semester (ranging from 4 to 6 months) at an international institution. Depending on the major, students may participate as early as the spring semester of their first year. Other placements are available from sophomore year through senior year.

Many of these opportunities are structured as interprofessional education with students and faculty from various schools and disciplines. Information sessions are typically offered at the beginning of each semester.

The Department of Cultural and Global Engagement supports students throughout their global education experiences by offering the following services:

  • Pre-departure workshops
  • Reentry workshops
  • Advising and mentorship
  • Opportunities for students to take leadership roles
Elyssa Wrubel day in the life video in Morocco

An Anthropology Trip to Morocco

At Quinnipiac, learning doesn't just happen in the classroom. Follow Elyssa Wrubel ’20 as she takes part in a faculty-led anthropology course to Morocco during this Day in the Life video.
“During my time in London, I came to realize that being a responsible global citizen who is sensitive and aware of diversity requires a journey of self-exploration and cultural immersion.“ — Ryan Stuebe ’15
An illustrated map of the world with pinpoints marking all the countries where Quinnipiac offers programs.

Where will you go?

Quinnipiac has offered numerous learning opportunities in these places and many more around the globe. The only question is, where will you go?

The Department of Cultural and Global Engagement carefully monitors the State Department travel warnings and recommendations made by the Centers for Disease Control. We communicate regularly with our overseas partners about safety and security concerns. All students traveling abroad through QU’s sponsored global education programs will be required to be insured in QU’s comprehensive overseas insurance coverage.

In Their Words

Photo of Emma Raboin

Emma Raboin ’20

“When I went to Barbados as part of a health science course, I quickly realized that I needed to consider different perspectives from the community members, and that there should be a continual conversation that is equal and reciprocal. Once this relationship is established and trust is built, that reciprocity is natural and fluid.“

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