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Multicultural Education

Multicultural education promotes inclusion and celebrates the multiplicity of Quinnipiac through a host of services and programs. As part of the Department of Cultural and Global Engagement, our goal is to create an environment that reflects, supports and encourages students to celebrate their cultural heritage together.

Program Offerings

We offer mentoring, leadership skills training and other programs for traditionally underrepresented students. We also create opportunities for students to share with the campus community and engage in open, honest conversations about issues of equity, social justice and other sensitive topics.

We develop, execute and benchmark a university-wide diversity, equity and inclusion curriculum that’s delivered online and in person. These workshops and trainings are meant to foster multicultural awareness and the active practice of inclusivity among faculty, staff and students. The sessions are focused on diversity, inclusive leadership, social identity development, cultural competence, intersectionality, allyship and related topics for the university community.

At Quinnipiac, our mission is to create a diverse and inclusive community where every member is acknowledged, respected and has the necessary resources to thrive, both individually and collectively. Research suggests that summer immersion programs help to facilitate a successful student transition to university life, improve academic performance, increase retention rates and lead to on-time graduation. Quinnipiac University has established a First-Year Immersion (QU FYI) summer program for admitted students from traditionally underrepresented and marginalized groups. During this program, students participate in social, cultural and academic initiatives, and fully immerse themselves into the Bobcat community while laying a solid foundation for future success.

The intergroup dialogue series provides a space for high-impact learning around issues of equity and justice for faculty, staff and students. Participants have an active and engaged learning environment where they can practice listening, asking questions and exploring difficult issues related to social justice. These conversations are intended to build relationships and challenge preconceived notions while broadening the perspectives of all participants. Using the exchange of ideas, honoring silence and engaging in critical thought, we seek to foster personal development and deepen cultural understanding.

  • Circle of Perspectives is an intergroup dialogue series that seeks to engage the Quinnipiac community via film and media content about global and social issues.
  • A Place at the Table is an intergroup dialogue series that seeks to recreate the after-dinner atmosphere to encourage informal conversations about issues related to social justice and current events.

Our office offers programming in collaboration with various departments and student organizations throughout the year, including celebratory and educational programs in honor of the heritage and identity months. Our programs are designed to enhance critical thinking, build community and promote civic engagement.

The Sawhney Leadership Program aims to expand leadership development and corporate immersion opportunities for historically underrepresented students in higher education. Participants work collaboratively with partners across campus and in the regional business community to expose students to multiple examples of leadership and prepare them for entry into the workforce.

Our goal is to prepare the Sawhney Leadership Fellows for future careers through leadership development workshops, alumni engagement, faculty/staff connections, corporate immersion, and a community of supportive, goal-oriented peers.

Sample session topics:

  • Self Inventory - Locating Yourself in the World

  • Understanding Your Leadership Style

  • Building Interpersonal Skills for Workplace Success

  • The Language and Culture of the Professional/Corporate World

Meet the fellows

The annual Student of Color Leadership Retreat is designed to provide an opportunity for students to develop essential skills through interpersonal discussion, leadership development and community engagement. The retreat helps connect students to campus resources and networks that support academic and personal success.

The Quinnipiac University Enriching Student Transitions (QUEST) program provides a means for first-year underrepresented students (students of color, international students and first-generation college students) to connect directly with peer and professional mentors to aid in their success and adjustment to the college environment. The program creates opportunities for students to become acclimated to the campus and the local area, and to develop their personal, academic, social and cultural experiences through programming and guidance.

Students launch new magazine celebrating multiculturalism

Esau A. Greene Jr. ’21 was among a dozen students from different backgrounds and communities who came together this year to produce, “For the QUlture,” a magazine to celebrate multiculturalism at Quinnipiac.

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Culture and Identity Groups

Diversity is about much more than ethnicity. It’s about different cultures, beliefs, genders, orientations and religions — all of which are embraced here at Quinnipiac through a number of groups and organizations. We have 13 student-run organizations dedicated to cultural diversity, tolerance and gender equality. Each of these clubs offers social and recreational events that will enable you to experience other customs in a fun, enjoyable and welcoming environment, while you leave your own unique mark on the university community.

Culture and Identity Groups

  • African and Caribbean Student Union
  • Asian Student Alliance
  • Black Student Union
  • Gender and Sexuality Alliance
  • Indigenous Student Union (ISU)
  • International Student Association
  • Italian Cultural Society
  • Latino Cultural Society
  • Minority Association for Pre-Medical Students
  • Multicultural Student Leadership Council
  • Muslim Student Association
  • NaturallyMe
  • Quinnipiac University Chinese Students and Scholars Association
  • Quinnipiac University Irish Club
  • South Asian Society
  • Turkish Student Association
  • Women Empowered
  • Women in Support of Humanity