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COVID-19 has changed the world and how we all interact with each other. Face masks, physical distancing and frequent hand washing have become second nature to as we all work together to limit exposure and transmission of the virus. We cannot wait to welcome our students Back to Bobcat Nation, and our faculty and staff are hard at work to prepare our campuses and help everyone adapt to this “new normal.”

This includes reopening our physical campuses and offering a dynamic academic life and engaging college experience. Being flexible and nimble is in our DNA, which has been an asset given the evolving and uncertain nature of COVID-19, we will continue to let the health, safety and comfort of our students, faculty, staff and neighbors drive our decisions.

Here you will find detailed information related to the phased reopening of our physical campuses and the start of the fall semester. Personal health guidelines, videos to help you navigate campus, steps to keep our campuses healthy and safe and more, check back regularly for the latest information and updates as we all get Back To Bobcat Nation!