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Third-Party Billing and Payments

Quinnipiac considers a payment to be from a third-party organization when the payment is made by someone other than the student, family or Quinnipiac financial aid. Learn how to manage billing and payments from third-party companies or organizations, including what to expect for employer billing, corporate partnership discounts, veteran or active-duty military benefits, and outside scholarships.

What is a third-party payment?

A payment is considered to be from a third-party if the following three conditions are met:

  1. The third-party company or organization covers the student’s cost of attendance or the majority of the charges associated for the term.

  2. Payments are remitted directly to Quinnipiac. This means the student does not receive the payment from the organization in order to pay university invoices.

    Please note: Payments made directly to the student cannot qualify under a third-party payment method and are managed as standard payments.

  3. The student is provided with a letter from a company or organization indicating the maximum allowable tuition benefit for the academic year. In cases where organizations require us to send an invoice, the letter should also contain the organization’s contact information.

Students will be required to pay in full if the third-party fails to remit payment to the university by the Sunday of the third week of the semester. Students who do not remit payment for any past due amount will not be permitted to register for additional classes. Payments that remain outstanding for a period of time will be transferred to an external collection agency.

Third-Party Payments and Financial Aid

Students who apply for financial aid (file a FAFSA) through the university should notify the Office of Financial Aid of any third-party funding they expect to receive. The Office of Financial Aid is responsible for creating an aid package based on a student’s FAFSA information, merits entering the university, employer benefits, VA/military benefits, outside scholarships, etc. If you receive funding from an external source without notifying financial aid, it may cause a change in university/federal aid eligibility mid-semester.

We recommend reaching out to your respective financial aid office to notify them if you expect to receive third-party funding during the academic year.

Contact financial aid

Types of Third-Party Payment Organizations and Processes

Quinnipiac categorizes third-party payments into five categories:

  1. Employer billing and payments

  2. Corporate partnership tuition discount

  3. Veteran benefits

  4. Active-duty military benefits

  5. Outside scholarship payments

Learn more about each, including forms you need to complete to ensure payments are managed properly in the sections below.

Employer Billing and Payments

There are two types of employer third-party payments – deferred billing and direct billing.

Note: This does not include Quinnipiac Employee Tuition Benefits. Please contact humanresources@qu.edu for more information if you are an employee of QU.

Employer Deferred Billing

This payment method applies to students whose employers will remit payment upon receipt of the student’s final grades at the end of the term. Students should notify One Stop regarding this payment option, by completing the Employer Promissory Note and select “payment option A.”Students are required to attach a voucher or letter of credit for the semester at the bottom of the form. Students are required to make a down payment for 30% of total charges and a $25 deferment fee must be paid prior to the start of the semester. The remaining balance is due within 5 weeks of the last day of the semester.

Employer Direct Billing

This payment method applies to students who are provided with a voucher or letter of credit before the start of each term indicating that the employer will remit payment upon receipt of the invoice regardless of the student’s final grades. Students should notify One Stop regarding this payment option, by completing the Employer Promissory Note and selecting “payment option B.”. Students are required to attach a voucher or letter of credit for the semester at the bottom of the form. One Stop will send an invoice to the employer specified on the voucher or letter of credit prior to the beginning of the semester. Employers must remit payment within 3 weeks of the first date of the semester to prevent a financial hold on the student’s account.

Corporate Partnership Tuition Discount

Quinnipiac has partnered with various corporations to allow QU online students who are employed with one of our partnership corporations to receive a discount on tuition charges.

Process for New Students

New students must indicate their affiliation with a corporate partner and verify employment and relationship to the employee through the admissions process. 

For questions regarding new student eligibility, please reach out to:

Process of Current Students

Annually, returning students (partner employees, spouses or dependents) who are eligible should complete the Partnership Verification Form with all required information and all required supporting documentation. Partnership discounts are applied after receipt of this application with all required information and documentation and the documentation is reviewed and verified.

Required: Documentation to grant partnership discount

Based on the relationship, students must upload documentation as evidence.

Relationship Evidence of Employment at Corporate Partner Evidence of Relationship to Employee
Employee Yes (annually) No
Spouse Yes (annally) Yes (first time requesting discount only)
Dependent Yes (annually) Yes (first time requesting discount only)

Acceptable forms of evidence

Relationship Acceptable Forms of Evidence
Employment Letter from employer on company letter head with recent date, or

Voided paystub with recent date
Relationship as Spouse Marriage license
Relationship as Dependent Birth certificate,

Proof of legal guardianship, or

Adoption certificate


  • Corporate partner discount will be applied according to the agreement between the partner and Quinnipiac University. 

  • Additional evidence should be provided or may be requested in cases of name changes, etc. 

  • Failure to upload the required supporting documents as stated above will result in full tuition charges. 

  • This form and all documentation should be submitted as soon as possible but no later than the add/drop registration date. Late submissions will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  Absolutely no discounts will be applied retroactively to prior terms. 


Current students with any questions should contact onestop@qu.edu.

Become a corporate partner

Please visit the Corporate and Organizational Partners page to learn how your organization can become a partner.

Veteran Benefits

This section is applicable to military, veterans and qualified family members who have served in the United States Armed Forces and are eligible for veteran’s education benefits.

Students who are eligible for any type of veteran education benefit should notify their respective office of financial aid. Learn more about military and veteran benefits:

GI Bill Benefits

Veterans, dependents or spouses eligible to receive GI Bill benefits must submit a copy of their Certificate of Eligibility at the beginning of each academic year to serve as proof of eligibility. To obtain an updated copy of your COE, please visit the VA website.

Once you have obtained an updated copy, please provide Quinnipiac the information by completing the Certificate of Eligibility Form.

Post-9/11 GI Bill

Veterans, military and qualified family members seeking to utilize the Post-9/11 GI Bill should determine their eligibility by applying for their Certificate of Eligibility (COE) through the Department of Veterans Affairs. Qualified family members must have the Post-9/11 GI Bill transferred from the service member or veteran. Eligible recipients will receive their COE, which must be provided to Quinnipiac’s Director of Veteran and Military Affairs (contact information below).

Yellow Ribbon Program

Quinnipiac University participates in the Yellow Ribbon Program. For more information, questions or concerns regarding eligibility, contact the VA or visit the VA website.

Veteran Readiness & Employment (VR&E, Vocational Rehabilitation) Program

Veterans participating in the Veteran Readiness & Employment (VR&E, Vocational Rehabilitation) program, should work with their respective VR&E counselor to ensure the appropriate steps have been taken to receive the education benefit. It is also recommended to notify One Stop (onestop@qu.edu) if you will be utilizing this benefit. VR&E counselors can send an email notification once a purchase order has been submitted on behalf of the student through the Tungsten database.


Need assistance with the VA education benefit process?

Please contact our Executive Director of Veteran and Military Affairs Jason Burke.

Active-Duty Military Benefits

This category applies to students receiving payments from a specific branch of the military such as the Army, Coast Guard, Navy, Airforce, etc. This does not include student veterans or students receiving benefits from the Department of Veteran Affairs. The Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP) program does fall under this category.


Need assistance with the military education benefit process?

Please contact our Executive Director of Veteran and Military Affairs Jason Burke.

Students who anticipate receiving a semi-annual or annual scholarship payment from a source other than the university or those mentioned above fall under the Outside Scholarship category.

Students receiving these payments should also contact their respective Office of Financial Aid.


Please complete the AmeriCorps Payment Notification Form via the link below if you have already requested or anticipate requesting a disbursement from the AmeriCorps organization. Please note that your requested disbursement amount cannot exceed your total award eligibility and you must be enrolled during the semester or pay period in which the funding will be disbursed. Our office is authorized to complete AmeriCorps certifications at the mid-point of the semester in which you are applying.

Complete the AmeriCorps notification form

If you are uncertain which category your third-party payment falls under, or if you have additional questions about the options above, please contact the One Stop office for assistance.