Theodore Roosevelt once said, “The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future.” With a history degree you will be prepared with the knowledge to teach the next generation, advise government agencies on political policies or guide companies into new eras.

Program Overview

Irish Minister of State for the Diaspora talks with Christine Kinealy near art pieces depicting Ireland's Great Hunger.

Embracing history

Jimmy Deenihan, Minister of State for the Diaspora (left) talks wtih Christine Kinealy, Professor of History and Director of Ireland's Great Hunger Institute, after touring the Grey Nuns Exhibit in the Special Collection Room of the Arnold Bernhard Library.

As a history major, you’ll gain a broad understanding of past events, plus critical thinking skills and writing expertise, all of which will prepare you for a number of careers, from curator of a museum exhibit on Middle Eastern art to grant writer for a large teaching hospital. If you have a talent for languages, you could become an intelligence officer with the FBI, or you can choose to continue your education with a graduate degree in education, law or medicine. 

You’ll learn through hands-on experience with professors who are genuinely excited about their subject matter. Our students have traveled to Hungary for archaeological digs and participated in building a classroom in a rural area of Guatemala. Many of our history graduates who went into the field of education have earned Teacher of the Year honors in their respective school districts. 

We offer intriguing courses that let you explore specific periods in world history, as well as unique topics including piracy in the 18th century, witchcraft beliefs and superstitions, and the complex history of medicine and healing.

Curriculum and Requirements

BA in History Curriculum

In addition to the University Curriculum and the College of Arts and Sciences Curriculum requirements, students majoring in History must meet the following requirements for graduation:

History Core Requirements 1, 2
European History6
American History6
Global History6
Select four electives 300 level or above12
HS 303Historiography3
HS 408Seminars in History3
Total Credits36

No more than three courses may be at the 100 level.


The minimum requirement (36 credits) must be met with a grade of C or better in all courses.

Note about internships: The department is able to provide student internships with area historical societies and also attempts to place qualified students in credit-related internships with area governmental organizations.

Additional course details
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