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Minor in Women’s and Gender Studies

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Minor Overview

From creative works in literature and the arts to discoveries in science and technology, women have shaped all aspects of society. Today, more women graduate from college than men, yet only 14 percent of top executives in the nation are women. While we have made strides in diminishing disparities and inequities based on the perception of gender, it continues to shape and influence cultures here and abroad.

In this interdisciplinary minor, you’ll examine the historical and modern effects of gender through the lenses of philosophy, literature, politics and anthropology. You’ll draw from a wide range of courses such as Human Sexuality, Gender and the Law, Women and Public Policy and Psychology of Women. You’ll learn how gender intersects with government, business and the criminal justice system in the U.S. and abroad. Studying cultures in both industrialized and developing nations gives you an understanding of how masculinity and femininity are defined in different societies. You’ll gain an understanding of gender, biological sex and sexual orientation, and how these identities intersect with race, class, ethnicity, religion and national origin.

Curriculum and Requirements

Women's and Gender Studies Minor Curriculum

For a minor in women’s and gender studies, students take six courses.

Required Courses:
WS 101Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies3
WS 301Seminar in Women's and Gender Studies 13
Select four of the following (from at least three different disciplines):12
WS 100
Special Topics
WS 210
Human Sexuality (PS 210)
WS 219
Women in Political Thought (PO 219)
WS 232
Women in the Criminal Justice System (CJ/SO 232)
WS 235
Literature by Women (EN 235)
WS 250
Gender and the Law (LE 250)
WS 255
Sociology of Families (SO 255)
WS 262
Psychology of Women (PS 262)
WS 285
Protest and Change (SO285)
WS 304
Sociology of Gender (SO 304)
WS 308
U.S. Women's History (HS 308)
WS 309
Women in America: 1920-Present (HS309)
WS 311
Diversity in the Media (MSS 311)
WS 315
Women Artists (AR 325)
WS 330
Philosophy and Gender (PL 330)
WS 335
Images of Women in Psychology and Literature (EN 335)
WS 338
American Literature by Women of Color (EN 338)
WS 345
Media Audiences (MSS 345)
WS 370
Intimate Partner Violence Seminar (PS 370)
Total Credits18

Should be taken during the junior or senior year.

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