Biomedical marketing student Emily Cirigliano ’18 works during a class.

BS in Biomedical Marketing

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Exciting advances in technology have made personalized medicine a reality. Surgical robots and other innovations have revolutionized medical procedures, while wearable electronic devices have enabled physicians to monitor medical conditions from afar. Marketing these products requires versatile thinkers who can blend scientific knowledge with business acumen and a captivating message.

Program Overview

There is no better time than now to be part of the biomedical industry, and our innovative BS in Biomedical Marketing positions you at the forefront of this exciting field. Our unique program is the only one of its kind, and combines the same foundational courses found in our marketing major with focused electives in drug development, the health care system, biomedical marketing strategy and other specialized topics.

Understanding the fundamentals of business, marketing and the science behind biomedical products gives you a distinct advantage as you enter the workforce. You will receive a thorough grounding in key subjects such as drug development, chemistry, biology, the health care system and biomedical marketing strategy.

You may choose a career marketing the latest diagnostic equipment, medical devices and medications for top biotech or pharmaceutical companies. On the other hand, your strong business background leaves the door open for job opportunities in many other industries as well.

Professional exposure is a major focus in the biomedical marketing major, and you‘ll have access to regular networking and career events that bring you face to face with alumni and other professionals in the biomedical industry. Internships are required for every student, and our career development team will work closely with you to find one that aligns with your goals and interests. Our graduates have interned at such companies as Bristol-Myers Squibb, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer and Z-Medica.


Student Spotlight

Opportunities across the globe

Prior to her arrival at Quinnipiac, senior Cara O‘Meally knew she wanted a major that would combine the worlds of health science and business, and biomedical marketing seemed like the perfect fit. Her initial interest in global public health, however, had more to do with wanderlust.

“I added the global public health minor because I knew I really wanted to travel and experience different cultures,” O‘Meally said.

A student-athlete, O‘Meally was unable to study abroad for a semester like she had wanted. However, the global public health minor opened the door to a summer internship in northern India with Child Family Health International.

Kiley Andrews ’18, Sydney Kenyon ’19, and Cara O’Meally ’19, all Biomedical Marketing students, working during class.

Market-driven knowledge

Kiley Andrews ’18 (left), Sydney Kenyon ’19 (center), and Cara O’Meally ’19 (right), all biomedical marketing students, working during class in the Lender School of Business Center, on Monday, February 5, 2018.

”This was my one chance,” O’Meally said. “It wasn’t a hard decision at all.” O’Meally spent 4 weeks observing government and non-government organizations around New Delhi as they attempted to help various populations in their community. Each day took her to a different location, from private and public hospitals and rehab facilities, to HIV clinics, transgender centers and daycares for street children.

“These places were able to do so much for their people with such limited access to the resources they needed,” O’Meally said. “It broadened my understanding of what life’s necessities really are.”

Faculty Photo

Mary Schramm, Associate Professor of Marketing, works with students during class in the Lender School of Business.

Dedicated faculty

Mary Schramm, Associate Professor of Marketing, works with students during class in the Lender School of Business Center.

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In Their Own Words

“I like how the material covered the relevant science, as well as marketing. My curriculum provided a well-rounded experience in both fields. My internship also gave me hands-on experience and confirmed my decision, knowing that I would be doing something that I not only enjoy, but am proud of.”
Sydney Kenyon ‘19
Sydney Kenyon ‘19 (left) works with Mary Schramm, Associate Professor of Marketing, in the Lender School of Business

Classroom collaboration

Sydney Kenyon ‘19 (left) works with Mary Schramm, Associate Professor of Marketing, in the Lender School of Business Center.

Tyler Blinderman '17 sits at her desk with her computer in the background at the Globoforce office.
“This major has not only given me the opportunity to pursue the path I wanted to take with science, but it also has allowed me to take on a career in marketing and sales. I feel as though the classes I have taken have prepared me for the next level. My marketing professors have been amazing and each person’s different strategy of teaching has widened my knowledge and has helped prepare me for the next level with a company.”
Liam Kenney '18

MBA in Health Care Management

Graduates of our program may go on to pursue their MBA in Health Care Management through Quinnipiac‘s School of Business. This powerful degree combination is a springboard to lucrative leadership roles in the health care industry.

Career Development

Throughout your academic journey, our faculty and staff are here to guide you toward a successful future. We offer a variety of internships and networking opportunities so you can meet and work with employers who will fulfill your dreams. 

Visit our career development page to learn more about the many opportunities we offer, here on campus and within our vast network of employers.


Faculty dedicated to student success

Quinnipiac’s School of Business professors are committed to the personal and professional success of every student. While passionate scholars and accomplished in their own fields, teaching is their number one priority. Small class sizes, accessible professors with significant industry experience and a close-knit, diverse community create the kind of supporting, enriching environment that is rare. We are personally invested in seeking ways to help our students develop into strong, certified, leading professionals.

Curriculum and Requirements

BS in Biomedical Marketing Curriculum

The Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Marketing requires the completion of 121 credits as outlined here:

Business Core Curriculum
Complete the Business Core Curriculum43
University Curriculum
Complete the University Curriculum for School of Business 121
Biomedical Science Core
BMS 117The Human Organism3
BMS 117LThe Human Organism Lab1
BMS 162Human Health and Disease3
BMS 276Drug Development3
CHE 101Fundamentals of General, Organic and Biological Chemistry I3
CHE 101LFundamentals of General, Organic and Biological Chemistry I Lab1
CHE 102Fundamentals of General, Organic and Biological Chemistry II3
CHE 102LFundamentals of General, Organic and Biological Chemistry II Lab1
HSC 220Health Care Essentials: Structure, Policy and Professionalism3
Biomedical Marketing Core
MK 320Marketing Research3
MK 332Integrated Marketing Communications3
MK 333Marketing Channels and Distribution3
MK 334Product and Pricing Strategy3
MK 383Professional Selling and Sales Management3
MK 401Seminar in Marketing Strategy3
MK 405Seminar in Biomedical Marketing Strategy3
MK 495Biomedical Marketing Internship3
Select one Biomedical Marketing Elective of the following:3
MK 210
Consumer Behavior
MK 321
Marketing Analytics
MK 324
Business-To-Business Marketing
MK 355
Services Marketing
Open Electives
Complete 9 credits9
Total Credits121

The science requirements in the Biomedical Marketing program also satisfy 13 credits within the University Curriculum.

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