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At Quinnipiac, you'll join classmates from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, from high school valedictorians and first-generation college students to military veterans and non-traditional students. The diverse perspectives and the close-knit community provide a rich and challenging setting for nurturing your personal and professional development. For our students, that’s part of your growth. Our students are known for their friendliness, enthusiasm and a roll-up-your-sleeves work ethic. Students graduate from our School of Education prepared and ready to work hard. Employers tell us that's what sets them apart.

Student Organizations

Quinnipiac Future Teachers Organization (QFTO) is a student organization geared toward students who share an interest in teaching and wish to pursue a career in education. QFTO's members explore different aspects of the teaching profession through discussion, events, attending conferences and leading service projects in schools throughout Connecticut.

Our mission is to mold educators who embrace lifelong learning and make important contributions to communities across the nation. We encourage our students to be active in academic clubs and honor societies dedicated to enrichment and high achievement in the subjects they will one day teach, from history and foreign languages to the natural sciences. They also have the opportunity to join efforts such as the Community Action Project, which enables students to bring the spirit of service to those they may one day teach.

Quinnipiac Future Teachers Organization

Quinnipiac student interacts with three students

Future teachers gain experience in their first year

With an emphasis on student learning, the 200 members of the Quinnipiac Future Teachers Organization strive to develop relationships and engage in community events to facilitate a supportive and enriching environment for students to gain experience before entering their fieldwork study.

“Joining QFTO as a first-year student has brought me so many positive experiences and made me eager to start my journey of becoming a teacher,” said Christina Ledesma ’23, MAT ’24, the public relations officer for QFTO. “When I was new to the MAT program, I found it very helpful that QFTO designated several meetings to dive into the program and answer any questions about requirements, classes, or expectations. At each meeting, I feel such a sense of community where each member roots for one another to succeed.”

As early as their first year, QFTO members become involved in local school programs, such as tutoring, holiday giving events, STEM nights, Pencil Pals and other community activities.

“QFTO has provided me opportunities to interact with children outside of the classroom,” said Holly Montick ’23, MAT ’24, co-vice president of QFTO. “This past year I was able to help third-grade girl scouts earn their robotics badge. As a future teacher, I am so glad to have had the opportunity to experience after-school student activities.”

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Study Abroad Opportunities

As a student in the School of Education, you're required to fulfill field study hours in local schools as part of our curriculum. With our study abroad programs, Taylor Chelo ’17, MAT ’18, fulfilled her field study hours in a different location — central Italy. 

Watch the video below to hear Taylor talk about her experiences at Quinnipiac and her time as an ESL teacher in Italy.

Taylor Chelo writing on a white board, starts video

Watch video

Taylor Chelo ’17, MAT ’18, didn't know which direction she wanted to take in life. Thanks to the help of an English professor, she developed a unique career path — a path that would lead her through central Italy.

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