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A local community of mentors and students

QUADS student plays ping pong with their mentor at the Quinnipiac North Haven campus.

The Quinnipiac University Advancing Diversity in Science (QUADS) program recently debuted its summer experience, bringing together Quinnipiac faculty and student mentors with local high school teachers and students for a week of team-building, games, improv activities, wellness exercises, crafts and more.

The QUADS initiative launched in July 2021 under the leadership of Cindy Kern, associate teaching professor of education. The three-year-long program hosts 75 high school students from Hamden, Ansonia and Meriden.

The last year of QUADS will see participants entering their communities to engage with stakeholders that can affect change, including parent groups, government officials and town boards. Teachers and mentors will also work with the high schoolers on college preparation, supplying guidance on applications, FAFSA forms and more.

“We’re hoping to build community in the students’ schools and connect with the communities they live in,” Kern said. “The summer experience really helped students understand that Quinnipiac is their community, too.”

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Inspiring future educators

Students sit in on an education symposium

High school students urged to find their superpowers

More than 170 local high school students seeking to become the next generation of high-impact educators were urged to find their superpower during a passionate keynote address by Quinnipiac University Associate Provost for Faculty Aff­airs and Professor of Political Science Khalilah Brown-Dean at the second annual Increasing Educator Diversity Symposium.

The students, selected through the State Department of Education’s Educators Rising program, gathered at the North Haven campus for Brown-Dean’s presentation and a series of panel discussions chaired by various in-state dignitaries from the educational community. The discussion was centered around successful transitions from high school to higher education but the overarching message was about representation and breaking down barriers at a time when there is already an urgent demand for quality teachers.

Brown-Dean said she was honored to be in the presence of so many young people who had “made the decision that they want to have an impact.” It’s a misnomer to characterize kids as “future leaders,” Brown-Dean said, when in reality the state and the country “don’t have the luxury of waiting for you to be a future leader.”

“We need you right now,” she said.

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Student Spotlight

Two Quinnipiac students take measurements
Future science educator strives to inspire the next generation
Michael Thorpe ’19, MAT ’20, still remembers feeling inspired by the Quinnipiac students interning at his high school years ago.
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Alumni Spotlight

Erin Westerman sits on a colorful rug in her classroom surrounded by her third grade students.
University provides alumna passport to break down language barriers
Erin Westerman, MAT ’18, has spent the last 18 months building up students and building a future.
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