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Dual-Degree BA or BS/MS in Cybersecurity (4+1)

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Cybersecurity has become a major concern across the globe, and there is a growing need for specialists who can combat cybercrime in a range of fields. The dual-degree BS/MS or BA/MS in Cybersecurity (4+1) programs enable Quinnipiac students of all majors to continue their education and learn the specialized skills they’ll need to counter modern cyber threats in any career setting.

By the Numbers


Bright Future

The projected growth in employment within the cybersecurity industry from 2016 to 2026. The average growth rate for all occupations is 7%. (Bureau of Labor Statistics)


In Demand

The global shortage of cybersecurity professionals by 2019 is 2 million. Companies around the world are looking to fill these highly sought out positions. (ISACA)


Well Compensated

The average salary for security architects is $133,000 nationwide as reported by the Wall Street Journal in a February 2019 article.

About Online Learning

Flexible scheduling meets world-class education

Our MS in Cybersecurity is offered entirely online. Online learning with Quinnipiac University delivers the guided educational experience of a traditional, instructor-led environment coupled with the schedule flexibility needed for adult learners to succeed. Innovative teaching methods and asynchronous classes enable students to work at their own pace, while also enjoying peer interaction and a collaborative learning experience to maximize their learning outcomes.

Dual-Degree Programs

A clear path to success

Our dual-degree programs enable you to create a seamless plan to complete your undergraduate and graduate studies.

We’ve made the application process simple: When you are accepted into a dual-degree program, you are enrolled in both undergraduate and graduate components. This unique approach eliminates the need to find another graduate program, take additional tests for admission or complete a separate admission process. 

The academic experience has been structured to ensure that your undergraduate and graduate courses complement one another. The dual-degree programs emphasize the skills employers value — including leadership, critical thinking and creative problem solving. They also reflect our commitment to interdisciplinary collaboration, experiential learning and career development.

Curriculum and Requirements

Undergraduate majors

You may combine any of our undergraduate majors with the MS in Cybersecurity program, however some may be particularly complementary depending on your future career goals.

Dual-Degree BA/MS or BS/MS in Cybersecurity (4+1)
Program of Study

The program is open to students from any major with 3.0 or higher who have taken Programming & Problem Solving (CSC 110) and Data Structures and Abstraction (CSC 111) or equivalents.  In addition, it is required that students will have completed coursework or certificates in database management and networking by spring semester of their senior year.

The core of the 30-credit Master of Science in Cybersecurity is made up of coursework that embodies the knowledge units set forth by the National Centers of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education (CAE-CDE). Degree coursework culminates with a capstone project that challenges students to examine the architecture of a complex system, identify vulnerabilities, and determine the specific security approaches that should be employed.

MS in Cybersecurity Curriculum
CYB 501Foundations of Cyber Security1
CYB 502Introduction to Cyber Threats1
CYB 503Introduction to Cyber Defense1
CYB 506Introduction to Programming for Security Professionals1
CYB 509Operating Systems Security1
CYB 517Introduction to Cryptography1
CYB 524Relational Database Security1
CYB 526Non-Relational Database Security1
CYB 540Introduction to Secure Networking1
CYB 550Cyber Policy3
CYB 660Programming for Security Analytics1
CYB 661Programming for Security Automation1
CYB 662Secure Web Applications Design1
CYB 663Secure Web Applications Engineering1
CYB 664Web Applications Security Testing1
CYB 665Workforce Access Security1
CYB 667B2C Access Security1
CYB 669B2B Access Security1
CYB 670IoT Security1
CYB 680Introduction to Cloud Security1
CYB 681Securing Workloads in AWS1
CYB 682Securing Workloads in Azure1
CYB 683Resilient System Design and Development1
CYB 684Resilient System Testing1
CYB 685Operating Resilient Systems1
CYB 691MS Cybersecurity Capstone3
Total Credits30

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