Program Overview

The Accelerated Dual-Degree BS in Data Science/MS in Cybersecurity (3+1) program will provide students with a passion for data science and cybersecurity with the critical tools necessary to solve complex problems while substantially increasing their employability and leading them on a track to success in virtually any industry.

Data science students gain a firm understanding of data context and learn how to integrate it with deep technical knowledge to draw meaningful conclusions. This bachelor’s degree is an essential foundation for advanced courses in cybersecurity such as database security, cryptology and IT infrastructure—each positioning students for a successful career. The MS in Cybersecurity program also offers hands-on courses taught by world-class security experts and culminates in a capstone project that utilizes commercial and open-source security tools.

Data scientists can leverage their passion for cybersecurity in roles such as editorial analyst, data analyst, product marketing specialist or sports data journalist while cybersecurity professionals analyze security measures to protect and defend companies and clients from data breaches. Pairing data and cybersecurity opens opportunities for you to leverage your passion and skills and make a meaningful difference in your life and for those around you.