Program Overview

From working with injured veterans to helping accident victims take their first steps toward recovery, you will make a significant impact on patients’ lives. This combined program begins by building a strong foundation in biology, anatomy and physiology. As it progresses, you’ll have a chance to treat a diverse range of patients through our innovative clinical and service learning opportunities.

The dual-degree program is highly competitive, and if you’re admitted, you’ll be guaranteed a place in the DPT program, which will prepare you for the physical therapy licensing exam recognized in all 50 states. You’ll examine topics relating to an array of musculoskeletal and athletic injuries, and you’ll learn to work as part of a team of health care professionals. This collaborative, interprofessional approach will sharpen your leadership, problem-solving and team-building skills in ways that reflect the contemporary needs of the occupation.

One unique benefit of this program is the opportunity to participate in the VISION Rehab effort. VISION is a free clinic operated by graduate physical therapy and occupational therapy students that provides care to Quinnipiac’s uninsured and underserved neighbors who need rehabilitative treatment. The clinic operates one night a week from our North Haven Campus and has forged an assortment of clinical partnerships in recent years with local health organizations that also offer experiential learning opportunities.