Quinnipiac University

Entry-Level Dual-Degree BS in Health Science Studies / Doctor of Physical Therapy (3+3 and 4+3 tracks) Curriculum

Our curriculum builds industry-specific knowledge and skills while giving you the flexibility to customize your schedule based on your needs. Below are the course requirements for the Entry-Level Doctor of Physical Therapy program, and an example of what your academic experience might look like.

A Program of Distinction

We actively anticipate the future of the profession

Education that anticipates the future

We continue to advance the physical therapy profession by emphasizing community advocacy, directing scholarship through clinical and educational outcomes, and building an innovative curriculum that maximizes technology, immersive learning, and flexibility.

How we do it
  • We deliver a reasoning-based curriculum that provides students with the necessary knowledge, skills and behaviors to become clinicians who will guide all individuals to maximize their mobility

  • We demonstrate compassion through our student-centeredness, service to others and engagement with our community.

  • We promote evidence in practice through scholarship related to teaching, community engagement and basic science to clinical outcomes.

  • We ensure enhanced clinical experience through a vast network of clinical partnerships - locally, nationally, and globally.

Our unique approach puts us in the top

Distinct and unique
  • Quinnipiac’s DPT program is one of 34 programs in the nation that offers an entry-level BS/DPT program (combined undergrad/grad program with admission first-year).

  • Our 3+3 or 4+3 BS in Health Science Studies pre-professional tracks allow students to customize their undergraduate experience to meet their financial, co-curricular and educational needs.

  • Our state-of-the-art facilities ensure clinical reasoning and competency across all areas of clinical practice and research, including our Human Anatomy Lab, Standardized Patient Assessment Center, Clinical Practice Labs, Pro-Bono Clinic and Motion Analysis Laboratory.

  • Vast alumni network leading to clinical placements and professional opportunities across the country and internationally. More than 1,000 clinical sites are available because of Quinnipiac alumni and long-term clinical relationships that value the quality of our programs.

Above the rest

Our DPT program develops students into clinicians through a clinical reasoning-based curriculum, integrated clinical experiences, community advocacy both locally and internationally through strategic partnerships, and evidence-based practice through research opportunities in established scholarly tracks of clinical outcomes, teaching and learning, and community service.

We are mission and community driven

Why we exist

To enhance the physical mobility of society by educating the PTs of tomorrow.

Who we are for

Compassionate individuals seeking to improve the human experience through movement.

Why it matters

The well-being of society relies on movement experts to optimize health and function. 

Dual-Degree BS in Health Science Studies/Doctor of Physical Therapy