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Diversity and Inclusion

International Student Services

We are proud to host international students from nearly 60 countries. This growing student population brings diverse cultures, perspectives and traditions to our campuses each year, creating a fuller and more dynamic learning experience for all.

Our Commitment to Ukraine


We are thankful for what our international students contribute and are committed to supporting them as they pursue their academic and career goals.

International Student Services can assist with:

  • Immigration matters, including work authorizations and travel guidance
  • Cultural events and exchange opportunities
  • Connecting to resources at Quinnipiac and the local community
  • Understanding the social and academic culture at Quinnipiac and in the U.S.

Ways to Get Involved:

The Global Partners Program is a peer support program for new international students at Quinnipiac. Members of the Global Partners Program ease new students’ transitions to the U.S. and QU, bridge cultures between international and local students and serve as ambassadors for the global community on campus.

Each November, we celebrate International Education Week (IEW), which is a joint initiative of the U.S. Departments of State and Education and is celebrated in more than 100 countries worldwide. The week includes globally themed events that highlight international cultures and global education opportunities at Quinnipiac University.

The International Student Association promotes awareness of diverse, ethnic and cultural backgrounds. The organization helps international students to find their place in the Quinnipiac community and creates a learning environment for all students. The goal is to help people understand the value of cultural and ethnic diversity.

International Student Orientation is designed to familiarize international students with Quinnipiac resources, introduce academic policies, address cultural adjustment and inform students about their immigration responsibilities and requirements. Students also participate in social events and welcome activities to get to know their fellow classmates. 

We stand with our international community

At Quinnipiac, knowledge knows no borders, and everyone at the university benefits from the presence of talented international students, faculty and staff. Our international community helps us reach our goal of fostering conversation, exposure and engagement with all people, thoughts and ideas — from all corners of the world. We recognize that these individuals play a powerful role in shaping our community, and we value them deeply. 

We stand firm in our commitment to support our international community. 

Where Are International Students From?

World map

International Student Enrollment Fall 2022

We enroll 153 F-1 and J-1 international students from 53 countries.


Top 5 Countries of Origin
  1. Canada 42

  2. India 10

  3. Nigeria 6

  4. Italy 5

  5. United Kingdom 5


Other Countries Represented
  • Albania 2
  • Angola 1
  • Argentina 1

  • Australia 1

  • Austria 1

  • Bahamas 1

  • Bermuda 2

  • Brazil 2

  • Cameroon 2

  • China 3

  • Denmark 2
  • Dominican Republic 1

  • Ethiopia 1

  • Finland 1

  • France 2

  • Germany 2

  • Ghana 3

  • Greece 1

  • Honduras 1

  • Hungary 4

  • Iceland 1

  • Ireland 2

  • Israel 1

  • Italy 2

  • Jamaica 3

  • Japan 1

  • Kenya 2

  • Lebanon 1

  • Liberia 1

  • Mexico 1

  • Netherlands 4

  • New Zealand 2

  • Niger 1

  • Norway 4

  • Pakistan 2

  • Panama 1

  • Portugal 1

  • Saudi Arabia 2

  • Slovakia 2
  • Solvenia 1
  • Spain 4
  • Sweden 4
  • Tanzania 1

  • Thailand 1

  • Turkey 4

  • Uruguay 1

  • Zimbabwe 3

What Do International Students Study at Quinnipiac?

International Students are Enrolled in Programs in These Schools

  • School of Business: 43.8%
  • College of Arts and Sciences: 24.9%
  • School of Communications: 6.5%
  • School of Health Sciences: 12.4%
  • School of Computing and Engineering: 11.1%
  • Other: 1.3%

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