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Center for Excellence in Teaching and Service to Students

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Service to Students recognizes the exemplary work of our faculty and staff who bring to life the vision and strategic plan of Quinnipiac.

What We Do

Support and celebrate excellence

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Service to Students recognizes the exemplary work of our faculty and staff at Quinnipiac University. Each year, six distinguished members of our community are honored for their dedication to students and their significant contributions to Quinnipiac's evolution as the University of the Future.

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Service to Students serves an important role in supporting President Judy Olian’s strategic plan and its four pillars — to build an institution-wide mindset that prepares graduates for 21st-century careers and leadership; to create an inclusive, excellence-driven community; to nurture and positively impact internal, local and global communities; and to foster lifelong connections and success.

To this end, the Excellence in Teaching Award and the Excellence in Service to Students Award reflect the highest professional standards at Quinnipiac. The university holds a formal celebration each fall to honor the recipients.

2020 Honorees - Excellence in Teaching Award

Iddrisu Awudu, Associate Professor of Management and Muslim chaplain at Quinnipiac University.

Iddrisu Awudu

Associate professor of management, Muslim chaplain

Jonathan Blake, Professor of Computer Science & Software Engineering and Director of Computer Science at Quinnipiac University.

Jonathan Blake

Professor of computer science & software engineering, director of computer science

Michelle Geremia, Professor of Biology at Quinnipiac University.

Michelle Geremia

Professor of biology

2020 Honorees - Excellence in Service to Students Award

Jason Burke, Director of Veteran and Military Affairs at Quinnipiac University.

Jason Burke

Director of veteran and military affairs

Joe Podsiadlo, Associate Director of Technology at Quinnipiac University

Joe Podsiadlo

Associate director of technology

Erin Provistalis, Director of Campus Life for Student Centers & Student Involvement at Quinnipiac University.

Erin Provistalis

Director of campus life

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We believe education doesn’t begin and end inside the classroom. We live in an increasingly diverse and complex world that demands the knowledge, collaboration and empathy required to deliver meaningful impact. 

Whether it’s turning ideas into viable business applications, or digging through human history by analyzing ancient artifacts, each of our centers and institutes pairs our students and faculty to transform academic theory into real-world solutions.


Our broad liberal arts core complements deep expertise across more than 100 degree programs to provide an education that equips you for an extraordinary career. Whether you are in high school and ready to pursue your undergraduate degree, currently in the workforce and looking to advance your career through one of our graduate programs or have ambitions of becoming a lawyer or doctor, we have the schools, programs and faculty that will help unlock your potential.