The Central European Institute at Quinnipiac Univeristy hosts a discussion on trade and business interests with Polish visitors October 8, 2013.

Central European Institute

The Central European Institute (CEI) builds bridges between the United States and the nations of Central Europe by fostering relationships in three main areas—academics, business, and culture.

What We Do


The institute is an umbrella organization under which country-specific endowed chairs are established to develop relations between the United States and their respective countries. The endowed chairs oversee academic initiatives and student learning. In addition, the center organizes study abroads, exchange programs, scholarship, and a foreign lecture series.


The CEI's business activities primarily focus on business networking events and student consulting projects. Our main business networking event is our annual Zebegeny Executive Networking Retreat and Quinnipiac Alumni Event held in Zebegeny, Hungary. Since 2008, the event has been held the second Friday of every June and attracts executives from the top global and local companies, and political leaders.


The CEI's cultural programs include the Art as Ambassador project, coordinating efforts for and meetings with Central European-American community members in Connecticut, and the Honorary Hungarian Consulate for Connecticut.

Central European-American Business Leaders Scholarship - Poland Program

This unique scholarship allows for students from Central Europe to come to the U.S. to earn a master's of business administration (MBA) degree on Quinnipiac's beautiful Connecticut campus. Nestled in the heart of New England, two hours from Boston and 90 minutes from New York City, Quinnipiac offers a unique opportunity for international students to gain hands-on experience and knowledge in American business.

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