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Central European Institute

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The Central European Institute (CEI) builds bridges between the United States and the nations of Central Europe by fostering relationships in three main areas — academics, business and culture.


A Quinnipiac student wearing sunglasses waves from the top of a rock on Sleeping Giant with the Mount Carmel Campus pictured below

Bringing the world to Quinnipiac

The Central European Institute brings students, faculty and scholars to our campuses each year. Here, Laura Moreno ’17, MBA ’18, enjoys a view of the Mount Carmel Campus from atop Sleeping Giant State Park.


Spotlight: Laura Moreno '17, MBA '18

Central European Institute builds a bridge between students and companies

The Student Consulting Team within Quinnipiac University’s Central European Institute provides consulting services to international companies on a range of business-related topics. Established in 2016, the faculty-led team is composed of QU graduate students in the MBA and law programs and undergraduate majors in economics, entrepreneurship, international business, marketing, and psychology. 

In addition to developing business plans to help international companies establish a presence in the U.S., the team analyzes websites, performs market research, conducts focus groups, and prepares and presents materials for businesses, diplomatic officials, investors and other stakeholders. 

Over the past three years, the consulting team has worked with multiple Hungarian and Polish start-ups planning their entry onto US market. The team is now expanding its services to offer the same business consulting services to Central European companies’ intent on improving their brick and mortar operations. 


International learning

Two Quinnipiac students recently completed a competitive international program at the MNB Summer School of Economics in Hungary, hosted by the Central Bank of Hungary, and Corvinus University of Budapest, an official partner of Quinnipiac.

Londyn Zografakis ’20, an economics major, and Alex Robiner ’18, a graduate of the economics program, focused on “Central and Eastern Europe in a Changing World: Challenges and Opportunities in Finance and Geopolitics.” Our Central European Institute sponsored Zografakis and Robiner.

The program is designed to offer undergraduate and graduate students from around the world an in-depth understanding into finance and geopolitics. It is comprised of 17 lectures, a half-dozen case studies, 2 simulation games, 3 cultural trips, 3 company visits, 3 networking opportunities and 2 weeks in Budapest.

Two Quinnipiac students pose in front of a building in Hungary

Building partnerships

Londyn Zografakis ’20, and Alex Robiner ’18, got to experience finance and geopolitical course work will visiting Hungary this summer.

Samantha Paradee ’18, MS ’19, worked as an assistant teacher at a camp in central Poland.

Theory and Practice

Samantha Paradee ’18, MS ’19, worked as an assistant teacher at a camp in central Poland.

World-sized Classroom

Two members of Bobcat Nation participated in this year’s Teaching English in Poland program through the Kosciuszko Foundation.

Samantha Paradee ’18, MS ’19, photographed here, is currently working as an assistant teacher at a camp in central Poland. 

“This program is incredibly beneficial to my future career as I am interested in teaching English around the world,” she said. “The program allows me to get started on that dream before I am even finished with college.”

Quinnipiac faculty member Katarzyna Kowalczyk, who teaches modern languages, literatures and cultures at Quinnipiac, recently taught a two-week camp for 7- to 18-year-olds on the English language and American culture in the central Polish city of Minsk Mazowiecki.


The 7 members of the research team standing and posing for the photo

Working together

Shown here from left, the CEI International Research Team’s Jack French ‘21, Hudson Molinari ‘20, Professor Chris Ball, Cole Cochran ‘20, Bryan Doherty '20 and Niamh Savage ‘20.


The International Economics Research Team

The International Economics Research Team

The CEI International Economics Research team is made up of 5-10 current Quinnipiac students with interests in economics, research and international affairs. The team meets weekly and works with Professor Ball to conduct regular analysis on the economies of Central Europe with a focus on Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Romania.

The group posts weekly reports on exchange rates and interest rates on www.InvestCEE.com, a website devoted to economic and business in the CEE region and wholly run by QU students and alumni. The group also produces quarterly reports and reports on special topics for the region.

As part of the CEI International Economics Research Team, Bryan Doherty ‘20 spent the month of June in Budapest, Hungary and said he was immediately taken back by the beauty of the historical city. Doherty said that feeling lasted the entire trip, as he took in the sites of the famous churches, monasteries and other ancient architecture along his daily commute.

“I interned at the Magyar Nemzeti Bank (MNB), where I researched topics concerned with the International Monetary Policy group. The majority of my research consisted of analyzing the detrimental presence of deflation of the Japanese economy. I found his topic to be truly interesting and the fact that I was able to apply my knowledge of economics that I obtained from my studies at Quinnipiac was satisfying to say the least.”
Bryan Doherty ’20

Past Student Experience

“The [Hungarian American Business Leaders] program gave me more than I could’ve ever asked for. I was able to improve my business and financial knowledge by earning an MBA at Quinnipiac University, while at the same time, I had the opportunity to differentiate myself from my peers by getting work experience from a Fortune 500 company.”
Ildikó DOMBI (2014)
“The two and a half years that I spent in the U.S. — thanks to the scholarship program — shaped my character, inevitably made me much more independent and self-confident, and contributed to my personal and professional growth.”
Blanka BALÁZS (2010)
“What makes this program so unique is that it provides you with endless opportunities. Everybody can find his/her path, and then you can have it all hands-on.”
Bence ERDÉLYI (2014)

Student Exchange Program

Fostering a world-sized classroom

The Central European Institute offers opportunities each year for undergraduate students at Quinnipiac to spend a semester at Kozminski University (KU) in Warsaw, Poland. The opportunities include airfare and a monthly living allowance. Since Spring 2017, undergraduate business students have been selected to take part in the Erasmus+ Student Exchange Program at KU. 

Andrew Lazarev ’20 spent his spring semester at Koźmiński University (KU). Andrew was our third student to participate in this unique program since we launched it in 2017.

While in Warsaw, he attended our 4th Annual Alumni and Executive event where he networked with over 80 executives, leading academics and diplomats.

Students from KU also come to Quinnipiac to study. Adrian Sabala studied entrepreneurship and management in Spring 2017. Michal Leszko arrived on campus in Fall 2017 to enroll in the School of Business. In Spring 2018, Philina Dzienisz spent a semester taking graduate courses on information system strategy, decisions making for business and corporate governance and Kamil Stachowiak taking undergraduate courses on finance, integrated marketing communications, marketing research and population and society. In Fall 2019, Damian Kowalczyk and Magdalena Jarolin enrolled in various business courses, as well. 

Dzienisz and Stachowiak posing for a photo in front of a stone wall

From around the world

Philina Dzienisz and Kamil Stachowiak came to Quinnipiac in Spring 2018 and spent a semester taking courses in both business and communications.

Lazarev posing for a photo in a loft in an office setting

World-sized classroom

Andrew Lazarev ’20 was the third student to participate in the Koźmiński University exchange program since the launch in 2017.

Support the CEI

Building for the future

Donations enable the Central European Institute to advance its mission of building international bridges between the people of the United States and Central Europe. These opportunities for engagement are enriched with bold programs and activities in education, business and culture.

Central European Institute's Chris Ball speaks with special guests from the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland.

Building partnerships

Central European Institute's Christopher Ball speaks with special guests from the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in New York City for a business partnership roundtable discussion, Saturday, February 3, 2018.


Peter Novak, Central European Institute board member headshot

Peter Novak, a Quinnipiac University trustee and a member of the Central European Institute board, is general agent of Charter Oak Insurance and Financial Services Company. Headquartered in Holyoke, Massachusetts, Charter Oak is a local agency of Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company and has offices across Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York. Novak also is on the board of trustees of the Kosciuszko Foundation, which is dedicated to promoting educational and cultural exchanges between the United States and Poland and to increasing American understanding of Polish culture and history.

Novak is passionate about building programs that help future generations of young Poles and deepen the connection of U.S. and Poland. He has taken an active role in all aspects of developing CEI programs, including organizing several trips to Poland to build the relationships necessary to ensure the success of our programs.

Annual Report

Current Scholars

Bence Hausel (2018–20)

  • Hungarian    
  • MTU Aero Engines North America, Inc., UncommonGoods LLC., Deloitte & Touche

Milena Sadurska (2018–20)

  • Polish
  • Bombardier Inc., Yale School of Medicine, Soludos, LLC.

Marton Kovacs (2017–20)

  • Hungarian    
  • Ashcroft, Inc., Bravo Store Systems 

Past Scholars

Csilla Abran (2019)

  • Hungarian    
  • Henkel Corp., Kyle Hamilton Consulting, Vanessa Research, Inc., Otis Elevator Company – United Technologies 

Wiktor Bednarek (2019)

  • Polish
  • 37 Ways Inc.

Katarzyna Bogumil (2019)    

  • Polish    
  • Quinnipiac University Poll, WunderLand Group

Laszlo Dinca (2019)

  • Hungarian    
  • Vanessa Research, Inc.    

Marcell Molnar (2019)

  • Hungarian
  • MA Selmon Co Inc., Ashcroft

Katarzyna Tworowska (2019)    

  • Polish    
  • ConMed Corp., Legg Mason & Co., LLC, Forevermark US, Inc., WESTMED Practice Partners

Aleksandra Wojcik (2019)    

  • Polish    
  • Kongsberg Automotive Fluid Transfer Systems

Marcin Ambrozej (2018)

  • Polish
  • Olympic Steel Corp., United Technologies

Attila Deli (2018)

  • Hungarian    
  • ShopRite, City Line Distributors

Ferenc Fazekas (2018) 

  • Hungary
  • Vanessa Research, Inc.    

Katarzyna Michalska (2018)    

  • Polish
  • Stratis Group, Travelers Insurance, UnitedHealth Services, Inc.    

Márton Kis-Dörnyei (2017)    

  • Hungary
  • Travelers Insurance & Young America Capital    

Málna Pólya (2017) 

  • Hungary
  • ASE Ameriseal, Lynx Analytics, Vanessa Research, Inc.    

Attila Erdély (2015)

  • Hungary
  • Shred It, Henkel Corp., and United Illuminating/Avangrid Inc. 

Márta Lörincz (2015)

  • Hungary
  • Birinyi Associates & Henkel Corp. 

Katalin Németh (2015)

  • Hungary
  • LinkVehicle, Touchstone Research, Upcycle and United Technologies

Dániel Tubik (2015)

  • Hungary
  • Fossil Free Indexes & Henkel Corp. 

Ildikó Dombi (2014)

  • Hungary
  • Travelers Insurance 

Bence Erdélyi (2014)

  • Hungary
  • United Illuminating, InterMerchant Services and Walmart    

Éva Bartalos (2013)

  • Hungary
  • Charter Oak Communities, Rippowam Corp. and Henkel Corp.     

András Herczeg (2013)

  • Hungary
  • Davidson Company Inc. and United Illuminating   

Alexandra Zita Pleier (2013)

  • Hungary
  • IHS Herold, Inc. and United Technologies    

Dániel Erdélyi (2011)

  • Hungary
  • Birinyi Associates    

Blanka Balázs (2011)

  • Hungary
  • United Technologies 
Special thanks to The Hungary Initiatives Foundation for its continued support of the activities of the István Széchenyi Chair and our Hungarian scholars.
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