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Located on the new South Quad, the SITE is a 137,000-square-foot academic building that will feature state-of-the-art wet and dry labs, space to expand Quinnipiac’s computing programs, new classrooms, collaborative spaces for breakout and group study, and offices for deans and faculty. In addition, the SITE will house a modern auditorium to seat more than 700 people for both university and community events.

Unveiling the name of our new academic building

A rendering of The SITE academic building at South Quad
The SITE is designed to maximize student-faculty collaboration, exploration

January 22, 2024

Quinnipiac students will soon have the opportunity to prepare for successful careers in a new 137,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art, student-centered academic building designed to promote community and interdisciplinary learning that will be called The SITE, which stands for Science, Innovation, Technology and Exploration.
Get to know The SITE

By The Numbers

137k Square Feet

The new building on the South Quad expands over 137,000 square feet.

700 Event Capacity

The modern auditorium will seat more than 700 people for both university and community events.

4 Innovation Spaces

Four technology and innovation spaces in The SITE will be dedicated to artificial and virtual reality, gaming and computing.

Building Features

  • Intentional, Collaborative Space: A designated area fostering purposeful collaboration among students

  • State-of-the-Art Wet and Dry Labs: Cutting-edge laboratory facilities equipped for both wet and dry experiments

  • Greenhouse: Specialized third-floor space supporting research involving live plants

  • Auditorium: A large auditorium accommodating up to 700 individuals for various events and presentations

  • Classrooms: Six additional modern classrooms for enhanced learning environments

  • Group Study Rooms: Dedicated rooms for group study sessions of 5-8 students

  • Science Teaching Labs: Fifteen modern laboratories designed for science education and innovative learning opportunities

  • Dedicated Exploration Spaces: Specialized labs focused on fostering creativity and technological evolution within the realms of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Game Design and Development

  • Meeting Rooms: Dedicated spaces for meetings, discussions and group activities

  • Student Engagement and Collaboration Spaces: Designed for interaction on each level, providing areas for students to engage and collaborate in a dynamic environment

  • Faculty Offices: Offices for faculty members in the College of Arts and Sciences and the School of Health Sciences

  • Student Advising Suites: Dedicated career and academic advising spaces for students in the College of Arts and Sciences, School of Nursing and School of Health Sciences

  • Dean's Suite: Administrative suite for the Dean of the College of Arts and Science and a collaborative administrative suite for the Deans of the School of Health Sciences and School of Nursing

South Quad Academic Building drone tour thumbnail image.

Drone Tour

Join us for a drone tour of the new academic building. Construction as of September 2023.

Nearly a century of grit and growth

From our founding in 1929 to the groundbreaking of The SITE in 2023, Quinnipiac University is proud of where we've come and where we are going.

A sign for the 1978 Quinnipiac Academic Center.


1929 - 1972

In 1929, Samuel and Irmagarde Tator founded the Connecticut College of Commerce on Chapel Street in New Haven. After six years, the school is renamed the Junior College of Commerce in 1935. In 1951, students vote for Quinnipiac College as new name as bachelor's degrees are awarded following a merge with Larson College. 12 years later in 1963, Quinnipiac College acquires a 100-acre farm at the foot of Sleeping Giant to build the Mount Carmel Campus. In 1972, Quinnipiac offers its first graduate degrees.

A rendering of the new general academics building.

And Now

1973 - Present

The renowned Quinnipiac University Poll is founded in 1988. In 1992, Quinnipiac opens the Lender School of Business Center, acquires University of Bridgeport Law School and constructs 800-student building for it. At the turn of the millennium, Quinnipiac College is renamed Quinnipiac University. Seven years later in 2007, the campus expands as the York Hill Campus is dedicated and the athletics arena opens. With an eye towards a bright future, 2023 marked the groundbreaking for a $293 million project including a general academics building, a new School of Business, and a 417-bed student residence hall.

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