Resolve complex economic issues in many environments

Quinnipiac offers 4 accelerated dual-degree (3+1) programs that begin with a basis in economics and combine the interdisciplinary and intellectual growth of a liberal arts education with a strong focus on career development. Whichever path you choose, you’ll enjoy significant cost savings by completing your undergraduate and graduate degrees in just 4 years, as well as the competitive advantage of entering the workforce a year earlier.

From the boardroom to the newsroom, a foundation in economic theory and analysis is invaluable:

  • Adding an economics background to the management and decision-making skills of an MBA can put graduates on the fast track to leadership roles in global business environments.

  • Understanding individual markets and the economic impact of public policies enables accountants to resolve complex budgetary and tax issues for global companies.

  • Analysts who can harness the power of big data and predict global economic trends can significantly help the growth and financial health of any organization.

  • Storytellers can leverage their passion for economics toward careers as data journalists or reporters and editors dedicated to breaking business, labor and economic news.

As a 3+1 student, you’ll have the flexibility to complete internships, study abroad or participate in the Quinnipiac University in Washington, D.C. program. Those who choose the QU in DC program will live for a semester in our nation’s capital while interning with an array of government and media organizations. Additionally, career fairs and networking events bring representatives to campus from Big-4 accounting firms, media organizations, corporations, financial services agencies, investment banks and other potential employers. Students who pursue the MS in Accounting path will meet the 150-hour education requirement to take the Uniform CPA Examination to become a certified public accountant.